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Sloppy Italian kartist loses his rag and license

An angry Italian kart racer has been banned from professional motorsport for 15 years, confirmed by the FIA ​​International Court of Appeal, the final appeal court for international motor racing.

Luca Corberi, 23, was initially banned by the FIA ​​International Tribunal following a strange outburst last October, during and after the 2020 FIA Karting World Championship final at the Lonato circuit in the northern Italy.

Corberi was racing in the KZ class at the meeting, with 125cc racers capable of reaching 110 mph (180 km / h). He was circling around 15th when he caught up with fellow Italian Paolo Ippolito on lap 9, throwing Corberi heavily into the barriers and ending his race. It was all the more regrettable that his father owns the place in Lonato where the meeting was being held.

He seems at this point to have succumbed to some sort of Hulk-like rage, ripped off the front plastic fairing of his broken down kart, and whisked him to the edge of the track. There he waited for Ippolito to return to the next round, in which case he threw the fairing at him. [see below].

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Corberi then stormed the small circuit, although the race was still underway, ignoring the marshals and officials trying to guide him off the track, for his own safety and that of his competitors.

Finally, to top off his day, the video showed a figure that looked like Corberi appearing to attack Ippolito as the karts lined up after the race. closed park, leading to a brawl involving many participants.

The video was then posted on social media, leading to the conviction of motorsport figures, including former F1 world champion Jenson Button, himself a former kartist. [see below]. Corberi apologized for his outburst and said he would never run again, but then changed his mind and appealed the ban.

Corberi’s father, Marco, was later suspended by Italy’s motorsport governing body, ACI, following the punch. The Lonato circuit also saw its license revoked.

Although it is supposed to be a non-contact sport, motor racing has had its fair share of brawls. The most famous probably happened when reigning F1 world champion Nelson Piquet faced Chilean scorer Eliseo Salazar, after knocking Piquet out of the lead in the 1982 German Grand Prix when he was overtaken. . [see below].

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Stupid mustang

Staying on four wheels for a while, now we bring you some surprising automotive development from India.

Replica cars have long been a niche in the automotive world, encompassing everything from kit-based AC Cobra copies to high-end ‘continuations’ of famous sports and racing cars like the Ford GT40 and Jaguar. D-Type.

But rarely does a car receive a replica treatment that begins as far from its intended destination as the latest creation from Dream Customs India, which attempts to recreate the brutal 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 using as the base car … a 2009 Hyundai. Accent?

Having owned a Hyundai Accent myself – admittedly an earlier model – I can say with confidence that it’s an odd choice for a donor to remake the mighty V8-powered Detroit muscle car.

The Accent, although a perfectly adequate little family runabout, particularly lacks the power and weight that characterized the classic Ford.

Dream Customs India promotional video for the baffling conversion [see below] is light on the details, but it certainly doesn’t seem to include installing a V8 with a capacity of between 302 and 428 cubic inches (5 to 7 liters), which is really all the point of having a Mustang.

Youtube video

Dream Customs India has not disclosed how much this obviously laborious but deeply peculiar boost will cost, but they have now reportedly taken orders and are suggesting that each conversion will take up to four months.

So please form an orderly queue, everyone.

Gold Toilet Traffic Officer Surprisingly Charged With Bribery

Finally, in this week’s unexpected roundup, Russian authorities arrested a senior police officer they said was at the head of a massive corruption scandal.

“A supposedly corrupt policeman?” I hear you cry. “In Russia? Surely not!”

I know. It’s hard to believe. But the officer allegedly in charge of the project may not have done himself a favor in his choice of interior design.

When the authorities of the Russian Commission of Inquiry raided the home of the officer in question – Colonel Alexei Safonov of the city of Stavropol – they discovered that he lived in a large, richly decorated mansion, with porcelain collections. fine, a games room with a pool table, stacks of money and extravagant furniture more suited to the Palace of Versailles than to the home of a humble traffic cop [see below].

Youtube video

Perhaps most impressive, Safonov’s house also included a lavish bathroom with a tasteful toilet and bidet set.

Safonov’s gang of six accomplices are accused of issuing permits that allowed grain haulers to ignore regional laws and bypass police checkpoints in exchange for bribes, according to Sky News . ®

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