The Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday prosecuted an assistant teacher at a secondary school in Rajshahi for accumulation of illegal wealth.

Amir Hossain, Deputy Deputy Principal of ACC Rajshahi’s Integrated Office, filed a complaint against Marufa Khanom, Assistant Teacher at Durgapur Girls’ High School, under Section 27(1) of the Anti-Corruption Act 2004 .

The ACC has forwarded the case to the Rajshahi Metropolitan Sessions Court of Judges for further legal action, Amir Hossain said.

According to the filing, Marufa Khanom recently submitted her tax return to the commission, where she showed that she had movable and immovable property worth Tk 1,08,18,625 and had taken out a loan of Tk 17,49,841. Tk from a bank.

Later, the commission found that the value of her movable and immovable property, excluding the loan, was worth Tk 79,57,193 which she acquired illegally.

Earlier on August 25, the ACC also filed a case against Marufa Khanom’s husband, Kamruzzaman Mukul, an assistant teacher at Jotkartik BN High School in Charghat upazila in Rajshahi, accused of accumulating illegal wealth worth about 3.37 million Tk.