A coalition of 22 youth organizations from the All Progressives Congress on Thursday unanimously endorsed Buhari Support Organization founder and coordinator Ibrahim El-Dabi as their contender for the 2023 presidential race, on the platform of the APC.

Member organizations included the National Youth Council of Nigeria; APC Youth Integrity Network; APC Youth Vanguard; APC Young Professionals Movement; APC Unity Group for Goals; APC Youth Support Group for Better Nigeria; Muhammadu Buhari Youth Emancipation Strategic Movement, along with 15 other groups.

They based their support on El-Dabi’s passion for youth, its digital approach to governance and its track record of critically analyzing issues with close attention to public concerns.

In a statement signed by the coalition’s co-coordinators, Igwe Ude-umanta and Danesi Momoh Prince, which was made available to journalists in Abuja, the young leaders said they also supported El-Dabi for his credentials. and its capacity.

If he is eventually elected president of Nigeria, the group noted that El-Dabi is capable of tackling the issues that are causing sleepless nights for Nigerians, especially insecurity and poverty.

“For the record, Dr. Ibrahim Bello El-Dabi, who holds a doctorate in business management, is a successful businessman, leadership development consultant, policy analyst and philanthropist. He is also a renowned political leader.

“Now that we hear of the efforts of the Congress of All Progressives to reach consensus on his candidacy, we sincerely hope that he will be granted the right of first refusal,” the statement read in part.

“This will undoubtedly ensure massive youth support for the party and victory in the 2023 elections would have been secured before voting began,” the coalition said.

The organizations recalled that when the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret’d) endorsed the Not Too Young To Run Act in 2019, he praised the legislation and called on young people to support it. , and that he would in turn support them after his term.

The document describes the president’s plea as “a promissory note and a check”, stressing that 2023 is the time to cash it and that there should be no bankruptcy over it.

“We hereby remind Mr. President and the APC of this promise, and urge them to honor it now that the youth have presented someone who is eminently qualified to lead.

“We will continue to stand ready and champion the youth mandate which is the central goal of the Youth O’Clock program. There will be no backsliding or surrender on this mandate,” he said.

The statement listed other qualities of the aspirant including fairness, thoughtfulness, generosity, intelligence and devotion to a good cause, with resounding achievements resonating across the country.

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