“Financial security is about more than what’s in your bank account. We want Aura to be a place where individuals can build wealth AND feel better. We offer tools and support for users to build a healthier relationship with money so they can get back to what’s important – living,” says Aura Co-Founder and CEO Kelsey Willock.

Aura has developed a unique money personality assessment that helps individuals discover their relationship with money. This assessment allows Aura to provide financial advice tailored to an individual’s unique situation. In turn, Atomic’s investment APIs enable the creation of personalized portfolios that reflect an individual’s personal values ​​and financial priorities. Individuals can customize their portfolios to prioritize investing in businesses that promote sustainability, equality and diversity.

“Partnering with Atomic allows us to center the investing experience around users’ personal values, experiences and financial goals,” says Courtney Cardinco-founder of Aura, “Streamlining compliance, operational, and brokerage aspects was key to bringing our services to market quickly and efficiently.”

“Very few people have the financial freedom to have money without being a source of anxiety,” says Atomic’s CEO and co-founder. david dindi. “We are proud to work with Aura to help individuals achieve this financial freedom.”

About Aura:

Aura is a conscious money management platform that helps people put their money to work and rest their anxiety. Working at the intersection of wellness and wealth management, Aura offers financial coaching and direct investing with measurable results to improve financial well-being. By combining scientific, automated, and values-based investing with rewards-based learning, coaching, and community, Aura helps people design a personalized path to financial freedom. Aura is backed by Lakehouse Ventures and Visible Hands.

About Atomic

Atomic enables consumer-facing fintechs to seamlessly integrate wealth management and commerce into their products. Atomic-powered companies can offer their clients industry-leading investing capabilities such as ethical investing, direct indexing, and tax loss harvesting. The company recently announced its Series A round backed by QED Partners, Anthemis, SoftBank and Y Combinator.


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