Bank Apeck – cash loan offer.


Bank Apeck today serves over 5 million customers, including companies that willingly use its services. Every second entrepreneur chooses Apeck. Bank Apeck has over 1,000 stationary branches, and its customers can use over 1,800 free ATMs in the country and nearly 20,000 in 17 European countries.

Bank Apeck creates the history of Polish banking. It was Apeck that launched the first ATM in Poland, issued the first credit card, and also launched the first brokerage house and was not afraid to use biometrics in banking. As the first bank in Poland, it also made mobile payments available

In addition to the bank, the Apeck Group consists of the Investment Fund Company, a pension fund, two brokerage houses and a company operating in the field of factoring and leasing.

Apeck – product offer

Apeck - product offer

Bank Apeck goes out to clients with a wide product range. He strives to achieve the highest standards and simple solutions are the most important for him. Such – simple and safe – are the products that enter particular segments of the bank’s offer.

Individual clients can take advantage of the retail offer, private banking and addressed to wealthy people, the so-called premium personal banking. Depending on our needs, we can set up a personal account, apply for a credit card or apply for a home loan to start the next stage in your life. The offer also includes cash loan and insurance. There are plenty of investment and saving tools. The bank has already prepared an interesting savings account offer for the youngest customers.

Companies can also use the latest products, tailored to the specifics and needs of the plant. These are both financial instruments necessary for business assumptions, as well as improving company management. They help you implement your plans and grow your own business to get closer to success. In addition, Apeck’s offer includes corporate clients and farmers who increasingly need professional advice and high-quality banking services.

Cash loan up to PLN 200,000

Cash loan up to PLN 200,000

Bank Apeck offers its customers a cash loan, called Fastex Loan, for any purpose up to PLN 200,000. The loan period is 8 years (96 months) and allows you to adjust the amount of installments to the client’s financial capabilities. We can spend the money on our plans and dreams, e.g. a new car or a weekend trip with the whole family. The main thing is to remember about timely repayment of the loan and at the same time build a positive credit history.

Credit holidays are a great advantage of this offer. They allow you to postpone repayment of installments for 3 months, which is very helpful, e.g. in the event of unforeseen expenses and problems in paying off the loan.

The Fastex Loan gives you the option of combining repayment of credit obligations from other banks and paying one installment. It’s a much more convenient solution, often also more favorable to our budget.

Additionally, the bank offers a loan with collateral in the form of ownership or pledge. The collateral can be real estate, housing, as well as liquid assets, e.g. deposits and investment funds. To find out more details, we need to complete the form and wait for contact with a bank adviser.

If we want to borrow safely, we should take out Fastex Loan insurance. We receive insurance protection in the event of unforeseen random events, e.g. loss of income, serious illness, death or disability. The formalities are simple and we conclude the loan insurance contract immediately when signing the loan contract.

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How to take a loan from Bank Apeck?

How to take a loan from Bank Apeck?

Bank Apeck allows you to take a cash loan in two ways:

  • apply for Fastex loan online,
  • go to one of the Apeck branches.

If we use Apeck online banking, we can take out a loan through Apeck24. After submitting the application in the way we choose, we are waiting for the decision. The bank checks our creditworthiness and then informs us about the result of the verification. After accepting our documents, the lender transfers the money to the bank account number entered in the form.

Bank Apeck allows you to freely choose the repayment date. Let’s set it the day after payment to be sure that we will pay the installment. Problems with loan repayment can lead to unpleasant consequences, it is better to avoid them.

Bank Apeck – requirements for borrowers

Bank Apeck - requirements for borrowers

Bank Apeck requires borrowers to be 18 years of age and full legal capacity. A positively verified creditworthiness is also necessary. If we have set up a Eurokonto account at Apeck, for which we receive a salary or pension, we will not have to provide a certificate of our earnings. We will only need an ID card. In the absence of an invoice, we are required to provide documents that will confirm the amount of remuneration received. The scope of documents depends on the source of income – you want to know more? Call Apeck consultants.