The following article contains spoilers from night wing #93, on sale now.

Not much is known about Bludhaven’s most disturbing serial killer, Heartless. night wing #93 (by Tom Taylor, Bruno Redundo, Wade von Grawbadger, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbott) shed some light on the mystery by revealing that Heartless actually has some mechanical upgrades. That shock aside, there’s another implication revealed by his upgrades and even the equipment he used to repair himself: that Heartless must be very wealthy.

This is the only explanation for how he is able to sustain himself. Heartless has not been shown to steal money or any kind of financial resources. The only logical conclusion is that Heartless is wealthy, this is certainly supported by the existence of his butler, Gerald. However, his financial situation also gives context to his favorite victim group: the homeless population of Bludhaven. It’s possible that as a wealthy man, Heartless thought he could easily get away with killing Bludhaven’s at-risk population because no one would care about them.

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Heartless supposedly targets victims who have people who would be left behind after killing. In a way, Heartless thrives on the knowledge that the murders he commits will also cause someone, or many people, emotional damage. It’s a sadistic high that he seems to need, which was proven when he refused to kill Blockbuster because no one would mourn him. However, such murders would undoubtedly attract too much attention if he started killing wealthier people.

Heartless could never target someone with connections. For example, if he targeted someone whose bank account was seven or more digits, he ran the risk of angering those left behind. People who would no doubt use their wealth to find Heartless. So the homeless seem like the perfect victim. There’s an abundance of them in Bludhaven, and since the town paid them little attention before Dick Grayson’s arrival, it makes sense that he considers them the perfect target. Of course, there may also be a more disgusting motivation for him to target them beyond mere convenience.

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There are a number of billionaires who are corrupt and consider anyone who is not upper class to be under their thumb. It’s entirely possible that Heartless falls into this category. While his cravings may be unusually twisted, his outlook may be ordinarily horrific. He might sincerely think that even if one of the bereaved were to come after him, he would be fine, because he has money, and they don’t.

It certainly adds another disgusting depth to Heartless’ motivations if true. The fact that he wants to kill Dick Grayson, for trying to help the homeless, seems to support this belief. There’s even a hint of entitlement when he threatened to pull Bludhaven from Blockbuster, like it was something he could easily do. The proof is there, all that’s left is confirmation of top class status for Heartless. Either way, he’s still the same murderous monster that Nightwing will soon have to face.