Instead, why not upgrade to a plan with unlimited data – or at least a generous allowance? Whether you want 4G or 3G, a contract on a handset, or just a SIM-only card, there are many mobile tariffs that allow you to use a lot of mobile broadband. You will never have Bill Shock again.

If you’re unsure whether or not you need unlimited data, check out our guide: How Much Data Do You Need?

Which networks offer unlimited data?

Unlike unlimited broadband plans, unlimited data is something of a rarity in mobile plans, offered only by a few UK networks – don’t worry though, as many others have quite large data allowances. But first, here are the good guys who have unlimited data plans.


Three plans with everything at will – data, minutes, and SMS – and you’ll find unlimited data available on phone contracts, SIM-only plans, and 30-day SIM plans. The only limitation is that you cannot use unlimited data abroad or while tying up your phone.

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Virgin mobile

Unlimited mobile data without a plug – that’s the big hook for Virgin Mobile. While Three places limits on tethering and giffgaff will slow you down if you use too much data, Virgin gives you truly unlimited data without any restrictions. Not only that, but you also get unlimited texting and minutes and a boost in your 4G speed.

But… and it’s pretty big but… there is a catch. It is only available to Virgin Media broadband customers. So unless you also take the company’s superfast fiber optic broadband plans (which you can compare here) you’re out of luck, we’re afraid.

Still, if you are in the niche of “Virgin Media customers who want unlimited data as well as unlimited broadband,” these plans are pretty good.

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The other network to offer unlimited data is giffgaff, in the form of its “Always on” plans. These do indeed have no download limits for 4G, but usage isn’t really unlimited – once you’ve used 9GB in a month, the rest of your usage is subject to a limit of. extreme speed most of the day. Nonetheless, that still means unlimited downloads.

Mobile phone plans with unlimited data

Almost every phone on the market is available with a plan with a large amount of data, or even completely unlimited data. In addition, some networks reserve their highest data rates only for handset contracts.

iPhone X

A heavy data plan is ideal for the latest iPhone. The crisp HD display and powerful A11 chip were pretty much made for watching Netflix, and you’ll need data to stream music to your AirPods and upload those 7MP selfies to Instagram.

Other features of this amazing phone include an edge-to-edge display, Face ID facial recognition, and one of the best cameras you’ll find on a smartphone today.

iPhone 8

Don’t feel like splashing around on an iPhone X? Take an iPhone 8 or 8 Plus instead and you’ll get a 12MP camera, high-definition 3D touchscreen, and up to 256GB of internal storage. Alas, there is still no headphone jack, but that means both phones are water resistant.

Samsung galaxy s7

Galaxy’s latest flagship is Samsung’s fastest and most powerful smartphone yet, thanks to its quad-core processor and TouchWiz software. The 5.1-inch Super AMOLED display has fantastic resolution, the cameras pack some awesome tech, and even the battery is overpowering. Needless to say, a decent data plan will really help you get the most out of the Galaxy S7.

Which networks are best for data?


If you want unlimited 4G data, Three is your best bet. In fact, it’s sort of your only bet.

Fortunately, the network’s all-you-can-eat plan is great and the data is truly unlimited. There is a reasonable usage cap of 1000 GB per month, but to reach it you need to download 24/7.


Giffgaff offers “Always on” data, which gives you unlimited downloads, but speeds are capped. The first 9 GB you use each month will be at full 4G network speed. But after that, any data you use between 8am and midnight will arrive at a drastically reduced speed of 384KB.

We recommend this plan if you use around 8-9GB of mobile data each month and want peace of mind that you won’t be charged exorbitant fees outside of the plan if you go over the plan. If you’re using more data than that, though… we’d say you’d better go for a plan with a large fixed data allowance.

Then again, if you always work nights and enjoy watching iPlayer until the early hours of the morning, always-on data could be perfect.


EE not only offers phone plans with monthly data allowances of up to 40GB, but it also gives you the fastest 4G available in the UK. We’re talking about speeds of up to an incredible 90MB and beyond on a 4GEE Max plan. On top of that, it has the best 4G coverage in the country, so you’ll be able to connect almost anywhere you go.

So while it might not have the highest data allowances on the market (although there’s no shortage of 40GB per month exactly), EE probably has the best mobile broadband.


Vodafone Red plans go up to 30GB, and you get 4GB of roaming data included with each plan – that’s more than enough to post poolside photos on Facebook.

However, Vodafone also offers you totally unlimited usage during the first month of your plan. This way, you can find out how much data you are actually using in a standard month and modify your plan to accommodate it if you need to.


On O2, you can get phone plans with up to 20 GB monthly allowance or SIM-only plans up to 16 GB. Unlimited SMS are provided as standard and premium plans also include unlimited minutes.

The good thing about O2 are all the extras you get, like O2 Priority, which gives you cheap or early bird tickets to events and concerts.

BT Mobile

BT Mobile offers data allowances of up to 15 GB on its plans, as well as unlimited minutes and texts. And existing BT broadband customers get an extra £ 5 per month discount – neat!

The advantage of a BT Mobile plan, however, is that it gives you free access to BT Wi-Fi hotspots. Since there are over 5 million of these babies nationwide, you probably won’t need that much mobile data anyway – there will almost always be a Wi-Fi connection when you’re in a town or city. a town.

Virgin mobile

Virgin Mobile plans go up to 20 GB, a rate that also includes unlimited texts and 5,000 minutes. This is great value for money, especially for Virgin Media customers.

Better yet, you can carry over unused data to the next month. So if you are below your limit, you will have some more next month.

Another good feature – Virgin’s mobile plans allow you to use WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger as much as you want – the data used will not be deducted from your monthly allowance. This is great if you live on these services because the data you save can really add up.

Do i need unlimited mobile data?

Unlimited data is a wonderful luxury. That means you can stream music when you take a walk, or watch Netflix on the train, or post photos on social media, without having to worry about eating your allowance – but not everyone needs it. If you’re not using a massive amount of data, you might be better off with a slightly cheaper plan with a data limit.

It’s tempting to go for unlimited data just for security reasons, but remember that your monthly allowance isn’t the only thing that matters in a mobile plan. Some networks have fantastic coverage in your area; others have super-fast 4G speeds; some are of better value; and others come with extras and special benefits.

Before choosing a plan, we recommend that you determine how much data you use each month and choose an offer that reflects that. You can find out about your usage by installing a usage tracker app or by logging into your current network portal or online app on a regular basis.

You never know, you might find that you can save quite a bit of money by opting for a not quite so unlimited deal.

How much does 1 GB of data cost?

1 GB of data will basically allow you to do the following activities …

  • Watch standard definition television for two o’clock
  • Watch HD TV or movies for one hour
  • Play online games for 40 minutes
  • To post 500 photos to social media
  • Make video calls to 3-5 hours
  • Download 150 songs
  • Send and receive 10,000 emails (excluding attachments or rich media)
  • Browse the web and social media for 40 hours
  • To send 1 million messages on messaging apps (like WhatsApp)

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