Ah Black Friday, the best time of the year to grab a bargain on that tech item you’ve had your eye on, including smartphones. But maybe you already have a good smartphone that you like and would rather save on a SIM-only deal instead.

Well you’re in luck – Black Friday is also a great time to get a fantastic deal on a SIM-only plan! Give your data a boost with offers from all major networks and more.

Black Friday SIM offers only

Whether you use a lot of data, hardly any data, or need unlimited data, we’ve found a selection of offers that cover all the bases.

Three SIM offers only for Black Friday

Three has some decent SIM plans to choose from this Black Friday.

So far the choice of the group is this 5G (you’ll need a 5G phone) compatible SIM card with 100GB of data for just £ 12 per month!

Get this 100 GB data deal

Don’t need 5G and want to save a few extra pounds? This offer includes 30GB of data for just £ 10 per month.

Get this 30 GB data deal

Virgin Mobile SIM only Black Friday offers

Virgin Mobile offers great benefits with its SIM-only plans, such as data transfer and 5G. See if you can find an offer that meets your needs.

For a low cost plan, take advantage of this 5GB data deal for just £ 6 per month.

Get this 5 GB data deal

Need more data? Get 25GB for just £ 10 per month, it’s 5G compatible too.

Get this 25 GB data deal

Take it a step further and get a massive 40GB data plan for just £ 12 per month, you can use it with your 5G phone as well.

Get this 40 GB data deal

Lebara SIM only processes

Lebara is famous for its economical and pragmatic offerings. Without contractual commitment, you can use these SIMs for as long or as little as you want.

Do you just want a simple SIM card with no real data requirements? Get 1 GB for just £ 3.95 per month.

Get this 1 GB data deal

Alternatively, maybe you want all of the data! Then this offer is for you as it includes unlimited data for £ 24.95.

Get this unlimited data offer

For something in between, go for this 15GB SIM-only deal for just £ 9.95 per month.

Get this 15 GB data deal

You can also buy a SIM card with 5GB of data for just £ 5.95.

Get this 5 GB data deal

Or for even less, go for 3GB for £ 4.95

Get this 3 GB data deal


No commitment, no credit check, no hassle – Smarty is the option if you just need a SIM card with no questions asked and no contractual commitment.

Smarty’s offers are impressive – this one gives you unlimited data to use for just £ 12 per month.

Get this unlimited data deal On the other end of the spectrum, this deal includes 2GB of data for the super low price of £ 5 per month.

Get this 2 GB data deal

For a decent mid-range option with more than enough data, get 30GB for just £ 10 a month with this Smarty Black Friday deal.

Get this 30 GB data deal