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NOW TV is Sky’s streaming service, giving you the ability to watch the best of Sky content without having to sign up for the full service. You will need a broadband connection to watch it, since it streams over the internet, and what really sets it apart from Sky is that there is no contract, so you can cancel when you want it. wish.

To get started, you buy a NOW TV subscription, which gives you access to certain channels and on-demand content for a set period of time. The Entertainment Pass, Sky Cinema Pass, Kids Pass, and Hayu Memberships each last for one month, while there are daily, weekly and monthly versions of the Sky Sports Pass.

Why choose NOW TV?

The main selling point is that you get the best of Sky, but with the same flexibility as other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Let’s take a look at what makes NOW TV an attractive proposition.

  • No contract – Each NOW TV subscription lasts for one month, unless you opt for the daily or weekly version of the Sky Sports subscription. At the end of the month, the membership will renew automatically, unless you cancel it, which you can do at any time.
  • Watch on multiple devices – There are over 60 different devices that support the NOW TV app, two of which you can purchase on NOW TV itself. Once you’ve signed up, you can register up to six devices to your account and watch on two at the same time.
  • Free try – If you want to try before you buy, you can sign up for a seven-day free trial for Entertainment, Sky Cinema, Kids or Hayu membership. After the seven days have passed, you will be charged the standard monthly fee unless you cancel. There is no free trial available for the Sky Sports subscription.
  • The best of Sky TV – As we mentioned, NOW TV gives you access to some of the best content Sky has to offer. This includes shows like Game of Thrones and Tin Star on Sky Atlantic, Premier League football on Sky Sports, and movie premieres on Sky Cinema.
  • No credit check – Since there are no long contracts and you pay for what you watch in advance, NOW TV does not perform a credit check. This makes it a great option if you have a bad credit rating.

What does NOW TV offer?

There are a number of subscriptions available, so you will likely be able to find something that will meet your TV viewing needs. You can also get broadband and home phone from NOW Broadband.

  • Entertainment membership – Entertainment subscription includes live channels Sky One, Sky Atlantic, Sky Witness, Sky Arts, FOX, Comedy Central, MTV, Gold, Discovery Channel, SyFy, ABC Studios, Vice, Pick, Challenge and Nat Geo Wild, as well that more than 300 boxes available on request.
  • Sky cinema membership – This subscription includes access to 11 Sky Cinema channels, which at the time of writing are called Premiere, Hits, Superhero, Disney, Family, Action, Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Horror and Select (they are often renamed to l honor of an event, a season or a film release). There are also over 1,000 movies available on demand and a preview each day.
  • Membership for children – Kids subscription gives you six channels that are not on Freeview – Boomerang, Cartoonito, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick Jr and Nick Toons. There are also thousands of episodes of popular children’s shows available on demand.
  • Hayu Membership – Hayu is the home of American reality TV and offers more than 5,000 episodes available on demand as well as the ability to watch new shows at the same time as they air for the first time in the United States.
  • Sky Sports Membership – You can choose from the daily and weekly subscriptions, which do not renew automatically when they expire, and the monthly subscription, which does. All three include the full lineup of 11 Sky Sports channels – Main Event, Premier League, Football, Cricket, Golf, Racing, F1, Action, Arena, Mix and Sky Sports News.
  • Sky Sports Mobile Month subscription – This allows you to watch five Sky Sports channels – Premier League, Arena, Action, Racing and Sky Sports News – on your mobile, but not on your TV. As the name suggests, it lasts for one month and renews automatically unless you cancel.
  • NOW broadband – NOW Broadband offers both ADSL and fiber broadband offers. You can choose to go for a 12 month contract or a sliding monthly contract, while it is also possible to add a fixed calling plan.

How to watch

There are over 60 devices that support NOW TV, so just download the app and connect. You can register up to six devices to your account and watch on two at the same time.

  • NOW TV Smart Box – The NOW TV Smart Box plugs into your TV and has a voice search function. You can access over 50 apps, including Netflix, iPlayer, and YouTube, as well as watch your NOW TV subscriptions. You can also pause and rewind live TV channels for up to 30 minutes, but there is no recording function.
  • NOW TV Smart Stick – This plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port and, like the Smart Box, lets you watch your NOW TV subscriptions on your TV as well as many other apps. It also has voice search and lets you pause and rewind (but not record) live TV. The Smart Stick is portable and can be connected to the hotel’s wifi when you are traveling.
  • Streaming Keys and Smart TVs – LG smart TVs and newer (from 2015) Samsung smart TVs support the NOW TV app, just like devices like Roku’s Streaming Stick and Express and Google’s Chromecast. Our guide tells you what you need to know to turn your TV into a smart TV.
  • Decoders – EE’s TV service, available to its broadband customers, includes access to the NOW TV application. NOW TV is also available on Apple TV and you can access the Sky Cinema subscription on the new YouView boxes.
  • Game consoles – NOW TV subscription is supported on PS4 and Xbox One platforms.
  • Mobiles and tablets – You can download the NOW TV app from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store on Android devices.
  • PC and Mac – If you want to watch NOW TV on PC, you will need to download NOW TV Player as you cannot watch directly in your browser. In order to trigger the player download, you will need to choose something to watch and then click on the download button when it appears.

What are the alternatives ?

If you’re not convinced that NOW TV is for you – maybe you want a wider range of channels or a decoder capable of recording programs – then now is the time to take a look at the competition. Here are other providers offering pay TV services. We will mention here that Plusnet offers TV service, but you must already be a Plusnet broadband customer and then call to get it.

  • Sky – Sky’s basic package is Sky Entertainment, which offers more than 300 channels and the Sky Q box, which allows you to record three shows while watching a fourth. You can add extras like Sky Sports or Sky Cinema for an additional monthly fee. You can have Sky TV alone or combined with Sky broadband.
  • Blank media – All Virgin TV packages come with the 4K compatible Virgin V6 set-top box, which lets you record six channels while watching a recording or something on an app. Its premium TV package, Ultimate Oomph, offers over 260 channels plus Sky Sports, Sky Cinema and BT Sport along with Virgin’s fastest broadband speeds.
  • BT – BT TV packages are only available with BT broadband and include all BT Sport as well as the AMC channel, which is exclusive to BT in the UK. BT’s best TV package, Max TV, comes with a 4K compatible YouView box and 55 premium channels in addition to the Freeview channels.
  • Speak speak – The basic TalkTalk TV package comes with a Freeview box that can pause and rewind live TV, or for an upfront fee you can have a box that records. Both come with Freeview channels and a range of 31 premium channels. TalkTalk TV is only available with TalkTalk broadband.
  • EE – EE’s TV offer is a decoder that will store up to 600 hours of television. It comes with Freeview channels and allows you to continuously record up to eight of them with a feature called Replay. There are also many applications to access, among others, NOW TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does NOW TV broadcast in 1080p?

No, NOW TV does not broadcast in 1080p or Full HD. It broadcasts in 720p, called standard HD. Other streaming services like Netflix and Amazon stream content in 1080p, but unless you have a large TV (or sit really close to it) you probably won’t notice the difference.

Is NOW TV cheaper than Sky?

It depends on the services you want. If you just want to watch Game of Thrones or movies on Sky Cinema, getting a NOW TV subscription will be cheaper. But if you buy multiple subscriptions, you might be better off getting a Sky subscription.

Sky Sports is always cheaper if you’re a Sky TV customer, but NOW TV’s range of day, week and month subscriptions allow you to just walk in and out when there’s something you want to watch. .

Can you watch Netflix on a NOW TV box?

Yes, the NOW TV Smart Box and the NOW TV Smart Stick support the Netflix app.

Can you get NOW TV in 4K?

No, NOW TV only broadcasts in HD (720p).

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