McGregor has come under fire for the footage he posted of returning to boxing training ahead of his UFC comeback, but he shrugged it off by posting photos of cocktail parties and flaunting his wealth.

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Conor McGregor talks about Jake Paul, returning to action and UFC title aspirations

Conor McGregor shrugged off online criticism of his return to training and flaunted his wealth while on vacation and drinking cocktails.

The Irish star is preparing for his return to the UFC and has returned to boxing training with an eye on a return to action in April.

He posted a video of his work on the pads which drew criticism from boxing star Jake Paul and former UFC champion Henry Cejudo.

McGregor doesn’t seem affected by the criticism at all and posed for a picture of himself sitting in the warm weather with a cocktail.

He also continued to flaunt his vast wealth and showed off his grandeur gold watch for his fans who continued to show interest in his planned return to action.

Conor McGregor posed with a cocktail

Conor McGregor also flaunted a luxury gold watch on Instagram

Several people commented on his latest pad job after he laced up his gloves and posted a video on Instagram.

YouTube star Paul – who has been yearning for a fight with the Irishman for several months – gave his verdict on the streak: “Awkward, I would knock out Conor in boxing or MMA. Right hand from God.”

McGregor immediately fired back with a mocking video of himself throwing a combination punch before yelling “jackass” in response to the American’s jibe.

Fans were also left unconvinced by recent training footage of McGregor with one fan commenting: “This might be the worst form I’ve ever seen lol.”

Another agreed: “No matter how hard you train, you’ll never win again.”

One fan continued to question his boxing technique: “Damn it feels so much slower/steeper than before. Must have been a hiccup in the healing process, the videos from a while ago a few months were alike.”

A final commenter concluded: “Love you man but like this is bad boxing. Now weight shift and your chin is in the sky.”

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Former UFC champion Cejudo joined fans in criticizing the footage as their online feud continues, tweeting: “Your hands are down and your distance is cut. Stay away from them yes men. Just a piece of advice from the [goat].”

McGregor hit back at Cejudo’s jibe again, writing, “Look at his condition, omg. Fat novice midget.”

The 33-year-old has suffered a decline in recent years after winning just one of his previous four UFC fights after suffering back-to-back losses to Dustin Poirier.

It remains to be seen if his broken leg injury could hinder his return to the octagon, but he is currently promising fans the best comeback ever.

He has several options on the table when his return can be made, including the prospect of an immediate title shot at 155 pounds against the winner of Charles Oliveira’s clash with Justin Gaethje.

McGregor is unsure which division he will return to with potential fights also available at 170lbs, which could make any reduction from his current weight of 190lbs much simpler.

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