If players want to unlock costumes for their cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, they’ll need Rainbow Cubes to try their luck. Here’s how to earn them.

If players want to buy costumes for their cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom, they will have to earn rainbow cubes. Cookie Run Kingdom added 47 new costumes to the game that function like skins to give Cookies an exciting new appearance. These costumes can be obtained through the gacha system, and players will need Rainbow Cubes to try their luck.

Players will need 300 Rainbow Cubes to draw for one costume and 1500 to draw five. For players looking to get rarer costumes, they will need more Rainbow Cubes to increase their chances of winning the costume of their choice. Here are all the ways players can earn Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom.

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There are free and paid methods through which players can get Rainbow Cubes. While there are many ways for players to get Rainbow Cubes while playing the game, players can also purchase bundles from the in-game store if they wish. The store has a variety of packages and packs that players can purchase depending on what resources they need the most. However, you don’t have to use real world currency to earn a decent amount of Rainbow Cubes.

How to earn Rainbow Cubes in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run Kingdom 2021 Halloween Costumes

Currently, the pursuit Cookie Run Kingdom The Halloween event is a great opportunity to quickly earn Rainbow Cubes. Looking at the Event tab, available on the left side of the screen, players will see the variety of tasks available to them under the heading “Boo! Halloween Masquerade Series ”. Many of these tasks reward 100 Rainbow Cubes upon completion, which means completing them all is a great way to stock up on Rainbow Cubes. Additionally, players can earn Rainbow Cubes from the Bear-o’-lantern Halloween item, which can be placed in his realm by purchasing it through the Events menu. This item provides random rewards every 12 hours, including rainbow cubes. This item is also involved in the Bat-Cat chase, another hallmark of the Halloween event.

To find a Bat and complete this part of Cookie Run Kingdom, players simply need to travel to a friend’s realm marked with a Bat-Cat icon. Once there, players must click on the Bear-o-Lantern in their friends’ world. Players can do this a maximum of five times per day, and doing it 20 times will give them additional Rainbow Cubes.

Cookie Run KingdomThe Halloween event is a great way to take advantage of the game’s new seasonal content and earn Rainbow Cubes fast. Players will want to earn lots of Rainbow Cubes if they want to earn as many of the 47 costumes as possible, and this guide should serve as a starting point for what to do.

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Cookie Run Kingdom is available on Android and iOS devices.

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