A Manila court has convicted a notorious con artist who issued unfunded checks in exchange for a car owned by the Manila Times College of Subic Inc. (MTCSI).

Judge Carolina Esguerra of Section 14 of the Metro Manila Magistrates’ Court found Ramon B. Leonor Jr. guilty of “other deception” after the court found beyond a reasonable doubt that the accused had made fraudulent statements to evade the confiscation of a Mercedez-Benz E350 car he had acquired. of MTCSI for P5 209 104 through a “capital lease”.

Records showed that checks issued by Leonor for the months of October, November and December 2014, representing his monthly car payments, were refused by the bank for insufficient funds.

Leonor issued the checks to replace the Asian United Bank (AUB) checks he had previously issued as partial payment for the vehicle. AUB checks were bounced.

Under the lease with option to purchase, it was specified that if one of the checks issued by the accused did not offset the monthly rental charge, all previous charges would be forfeited and he had to return the vehicle.

Leonor did not complete his checks and refused to return the car despite the formal notice presented by the private plaintiff.

In the same decision, the court acquitted the accused in criminal case 482918-19-CR for violation of Batas Pambansa (BP) 22 or the “Bad Checks Law” on the grounds of reasonable doubt, because the The complainant’s formal notice was not personally received by Leonar but by his housekeeper.

The court stressed, however, that Leonor’s acquittal for breaching BP 22 did not erase his obligation to the MTCSI, claiming that the bad checks he issued constitute proof of indebtedness and true proof of debt. a bond that can be used instead of and for the same purpose as a promissory note.

The court upheld the plaintiff’s position that Leonor made a fraudulent representation when he issued the replacement checks to evade the lapse provisions of the capital lease.

“From these overt acts it is clear that indeed the accused made the fraudulent statement that the said checks are good because he knew this would allow him to circumvent the forfeiture provisions of the” capital lease “,” said the ruling.

Police said Leonor had a series of suspected similar scam complaints.

The Quezon City Magistrates’ Court also found Leonor guilty in a case filed in 2013 for forging public documents by forging the signatures of two long-deceased people.

“It is not disputed by the evidence that the signatures of spouses Ceferino and Virginia Pila in the disputed mortgage deed dated February 8, 2013 were forged,” Judge Don Ace Mariano Alagar said in his ruling.

Leonor was sentenced to a mayor’s arrest of four months and one day to a maximum of three years, six months and 21 days. He was also ordered to pay a fine of 5,000 P.

Judge Ma. Teresa de Guzman-Alvarez of Section 131 of the Caloocan City Magistrates’ Court also ordered Leonor’s arrest for ignoring his indictment in a violation complaint against women and children.

In November 2015, Leonor was arrested by members of the Quezon City Police District Criminal Investigation and Detection Unit under an arrest warrant issued by Alvarez.

Leonor was accused of breaking the law against violence against women and their children for beating her pregnant partner in January 2014 after confronting her for lending the property of the woman’s family to his knowledge.

Leonor owns the One National Realty and One Glad real estate development companies. He also owns Tradefocus, a company specializing in the sale of herbal medicines and coffee. It has been found; however, the real estate business was a scam as it involved questionable land.