Despite the social and economic disruption caused by the pandemic and historically low interest rates, CTBC Bank managed to achieve a strong performance in its private banking and wealth management businesses last year.

This is partly because CTBC offered exclusive banking services to HNW customers early in the year, a move the bank outpaced its local peers on. In addition to this, CTBC also launched new products and services, including innovative technology solutions, all of which supported the strong overall performance of the bank.

For example, the bank created a new family account designed to help teens better manage their finances with an engaging and interactive budget planner. It also provided ATMs at convenience stores to help customers outside city centers open bank accounts online.

At the more sophisticated end of its technology offering, CTBC has developed AI-related digital solutions, including ROBOGO, which is its automated robotic advisory platform. Under ROBOGO, the bank last year launched two new services for goal-based planning and retirement planning.

These services are designed to help customers achieve their own financial goals, whether it’s saving for education or travel, retirement, or any other goal for which they need a plan. As part of this, the bank provides personalized goal-based planning advice as well as automated financial advice and portfolio management through the platform.

In addition to these wealth management solutions, CTBC has also developed and launched its own virtual insurance video service, allowing its clients to obtain insurance planning advice without having to meet with the insurance broker. .

Demonstrating leadership in technology innovation has been a key factor in CTBC’s success over the past year. No less important has been its commitment and focus on sustainability, an issue of growing importance to clients and customers.

The bank has shown its commitment to sustainability by becoming a signatory to the Equator Principles and the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (proposed by the United Nations Financial Stability Board). The bank also complies with the United Nations Principles for Responsible Banking and has set up a sustainability office to oversee its performance.

In addition to this, CTBC has increasingly taken practical steps to become a more sustainable banking institution, including implementing stronger governance, expanding revolving finance and investing in sustainable infrastructure to minimize its environmental impact. .

A recent example of CTBC’s involvement in renewable energy financing is its role as a lender in financing the $1.6 billion project for the 298 MW Zhong Neng offshore wind farm off Taiwan.