SentinelOne, Inc. plans to make public the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “S”, according to a S-1 deposit of society with the United States Security and Trade Commission (SEC) Thursday (June 3).

In the file, the cybersecurity company revealed that it had $ 130.825 million in annualized recurring revenue (ARR) as of Jan.31, 2021, up from $ 66.764 million as of Jan.31, 2020.

The company said the ARR represents “the annualized execution rate of revenue from our subscription contracts at the end of a reference period, assuming the contracts are renewed on their existing terms for customers who have takes out subscription contracts with us “.

SentinelOne plans to continue to grow its global sales and marketing workforce to attract new customers and strengthen sales to existing customers. The company also plans to develop more features for its Singularity platform.

In addition, it intends to continue to seek acquisitions and investments in companies and technologies. To that end, SentinelOne recently purchased Scalyr to deepen its “data ingestion, search and retention” functionality, according to the filing.

SentinelOne believes there is a “significant” global opportunity for the company’s Singularity platform. The company’s revenue beyond the United States represented 30% of its revenue for fiscal 2021 and the three months ending April 30, 2021.

“We have made and plan to continue to make significant investments to grow geographically, particularly in Europe, Middle East and Africa, or EMEA, Latin America and Asia Pacific, or APAC,” SentinelOne said in the file.

In terms of product, SentinelOne said on the record that its Singularity platform instantly protects against cyber attacks, “operating at a faster speed, at a greater scale, and at a higher accuracy than possible from a only human or even of a crowd “.

“We were the pioneers of the world’s first specially designed AI [artificial intelligence]-Powered Extended Detection and Response, or XDR, a platform for making cybersecurity defense truly self-sufficient, from the endpoint and beyond, ”according to the filing.

PYMNTS announced earlier this year that SentinelOne is considering an initial public offering (IPO).

In November, SentinelOne announced it had landed $ 267 million in a Series F funding round.



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