Devil’s Attorney is the first game from the Swedish development company Senri AB to hit the Google Play Store with their name on it, but they’re not newbies on the scene. This game was co-designed by 1337 Game Design AB, and is the latest of a number of collaborative efforts their company has put forth.

The premise of the devil’s attorney is fairly straightforward; you are an unscrupulous defense lawyer with a positive attitude and a winning smile, who will do anything to win a case. Using tactics such as discrediting witnesses and prosecutors, tampering with evidence, and even hypnosis, you make your way through the 58 cases in the game. With the money you earn defending the scum of land, you buy bonuses in the form of beautifying your apartment or your outfit. The audience tactics you can employ are dictated by whether your tastes lean towards materialism, decadence, or vanity.

What appears to be an avocado RPG on the surface is actually a charming, laid-back math strategy puzzle. For each case, you start with a base “case resistance” number that the opposing prosecutor will try to reduce to 0, using witnesses, evidence, and exports with numeric values ​​for “credibility” – essentially the ones. health points that you must reduce to 0 in order to dismiss their testimony and save your record from the damage they would inflict on it. The game is turn based and your actions take place before the opponent – you must get rid of all their evidence and witnesses before they destroy your case by attacking their credibility. You receive bonuses and acquire achievements based on the speed and efficiency of your victories. The cases are relatively easy, but quickly escalate into evil puzzles that will inspire you to find a pen and paper to prepare for your next round.

This game is beautifully executed. While the gameplay is a bit simpler than you might expect from a lawyer simulator, it is fun and engaging. You can play this game on the fly, for 5 minutes or an hour – a demonstration of the developers’ understanding of the mobile platform. The graphics, music and voiceover are top notch and incredibly smooth. The music captures the game’s’ 80s vibe perfectly, and witty jokes take place between you (Max McMann) and the opposing lawyer before each case. All the colors and designs are vibrant and really pop. As of this post, I’m only 18 cases deep in my game on normal difficulty, but reading Play Store reviews indicates that the only issue people seem to have with the game (aside from the installation and strange device issues) is that it is too short – a big deal to have if you are Senri AB, as it indicates a demand for more of your work.

This game will set you back $ 3.00 in the Play Store, which is a reasonable price in my opinion. There are no annoying ads, no in-app purchases, and I wasn’t bothered by the app to rate it. Sadly, Senri AB hasn’t released a ‘light’ or ‘trial’ version of the game, and at 358MB this is a pretty big download if you want to see if you like it before your refund window is closed. I guess if you like games with polish, panache, and satisfying and addicting puzzles, you will find it as interesting as I am.

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Devil ‘Attorney is available for $ 3 on the Google Play Store

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