We hear a lot about wealth and a lot of innovation, however, it’s rare to hear of the two in combination. For Krystylle L. Richardson, strategist in wealth innovation, the two go hand in hand. In addition to being a strategist in wealth innovation on weekends and evenings, she is responsible for international quality and regulation for healthcare. She believes that exploring creative thinking and innovative solutions is just as important in healthcare as it is in our personal lives. Her intense drive to see people live their best lives drives her to use her non-healthcare time to create impact globally as the founder of the Life Innovation Academy and the nonprofit. Full Color Movement International. She is also an international speaker, 7-time bestselling author, TV host, and more. Richardson explains that he thinks time is a gift. She explains that it’s up to each of us to use this gift to improve each other’s lives, in part by exploring how each can build the life they want using the gifts and talents that God has bestowed on us. After contracting Covid-19 and double pneumonia last year and surviving, she has an increased urgency to live a life that matters.

Krystylle Richardson, krystyllerichardson.com, believes that no two people have the same definition of success. Much of the background to this is what Richardson calls “the formula for releasing your freedom.” The term, Freedom Formula, is his original idea and refers to finding the right path to experience freedom in all areas of life and using it to build wealth. Freedom refers to a lot of things. Having a mindset that re-imagines life aligned with abundance is yet a higher level of freedom. Having self-confidence, understanding our gaps between where we are now and where we want to be in life physically, spiritually, financially and mentally are all part of this formula for freedom. Richardson further explains that we are not one-dimensional human beings, so we all juggle different aspects of life on a daily basis. She has a unique method to help people and businesses align while harnessing the innovative energy of her unique methods. She said that “the key to the freedom formula is to think of 7 steps beyond your wildest dreams and to re-imagine abundance in ways you never imagined.” This 7-step process is one of his uniquely developed coaching methods used for his selected group of clients due to time, as well as in his online courses at Life Innovation Academy for the masses.

Richardson explains that as part of her wealth innovation work, she meets clients one-on-one, deepening their deeper relationship with money, and she calls it their Wealth Personality Index, K7WPI â„¢. Opening people’s eyes to their wealth personalities is part of the process, those financial habits and perspectives on wealth that have been ingrained in them since childhood, shaping their financial landscape today. Often times, this process requires people to develop a new, healthier wealth personality index. Once people have a clear understanding of their wealth personality, Richardson takes it one step further as an innovation invention coach, taking ideas through intense analysis, turning them into a profitable business, delivering advice every step of the way, from idea to large-scale marketing. , business launch and sustainability.

Richardson shares that she often finds that clients focus more energy on one part of their life, her goal is to guide people to a place where they are well-balanced, so that they can have a positive and full impact on the world. Richardson shares one of her unique philosophies on wealth, innovation and leadership, what she calls an Innovaligy â„¢, which encompasses the power of innovation, creative energy and positive thinking. Here is one of these Innovaligy â„¢:

“Let’s design a world innovative enough that all minds see issues as opportunities for positive growth to be explored. ”

Due to the amazing results she brings regularly, Richardson has spoken and trained LIVE in over 30 countries, and has been recruited to speak at major events, including the Think and Grow Rich Tour, the world’s summit HIMSS Healthcare, to name a few, and featured in major news outlets regarding its innovation and wealth alignment strategies. She will be speaking at an event in October, the ACTION To WIN and Mastermind Seminar in Las Vegas, discussing innovations of global impact in medicine. She has a new book on Connection Innovation (www.amazon.com/Krystylle-Richardson/e/B083RTQN4C%3Fref=dbs_a_mng_rwt_scns_share), and another on Public Speaking in the fall, as well as TV shows on JD3TV and e360TV, and is the host of an “Above Your Best” podcast. At the same time, she is the Global Ambassador of Global Civility Innovation with ICN. Due to her busy healthcare schedule, wealth innovation, TV shows with her millionaire / billionaire alliance, and her nonprofit work for the homeless, she doesn’t ‘don’t organize too many live events. When she does, however, she goes out of her way. Richardson is the founder and executive producer of EMERGE, an experienced marketing and media company. The next EMERGE will be a castle experience in April 2022. All women are encouraged to contact Richardson for more information on how to EMERGE as the best version of yourself, this time in a castle in California. It’s sure to be epic and life changing in unforgettable ways. Richardson links this to wealth innovation by stating, “As we all EMERGED as our true authentic selves, then we can enjoy greater impact and higher profits in our businesses, in our businesses and in our communities. our personal lives. The key is to first EMERGING using the results of his definition of FEAR: cool, energy, wait, reset. “

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan to humble and hardworking parents, Richardson always believed she could do it all. Sharing that she overcame intense bullying as a child, something she kept hidden for most of her life, Richardson broke all the molds achieving incredible success, even as a child she still has. had the spirit of enterprise and generosity, now it is his mission and his joy to share his message and his strategies of wealth innovation with the world.

She is dedicated to charity, having spoken, educated and led medical and religious missions in over 30 countries as part of her TeleHealthUnited.com humanitarian initiatives. With her 40 years of industry experience, she spent 35 years as an international business leader. His in-depth training and expertise include a degree in Industrial Engineering, Six Sigma Green Belt, PNL, being part of a wealth management company, all contributing to his unique coaching style to create innovative solutions for organizations and businesses. people. Learn more about Krystylle L. Richardson’s dynamic, her heritage innovation strategies, invention coaching, and work on the formula for freedom on her website, krystyllerichardson.com, and on social media, and find her books on Amazon and other major book stores around the world.

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