On Friday, June 11, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced changes to the Provider Relief Fund (PRF) reporting requirements and denied further requests for changes in a long-awaited response. Many of us were hyper focused on these reporting requirements earlier this year, and now that so much time has passed, we may have forgotten what PRF stands for. Well, maybe not. In any case, the HHS, under the recent leadership of Secretary Xavier Becerra, has issued new somewhat relaxed guidelines on reporting requirements for time limits.

Many healthcare providers have struggled to spend their PRF funds within the time limit which arrives in a few weeks on June 30, 2021. Remember that there is only a limited number of expenses for which a provider can use FRP, and they are all related to coronavirus prevention, preparedness and response. For example, some vendor advocates have urged the HHS to allow vendors more time to spend their funds, which it has generally refused to do. However, HHS has implemented new deadlines that correspond to the time of receipt of the FRP. For example, vendors who received funds between July 1 and December 31, 2020 must spend funds by December 31, 2021. (The payment date is determined by the date of deposit to your automated clearing house account ( ACH). Is one year from the last date in this range. However, it remains to be seen whether these revisions will be useful for the majority of healthcare providers. Many providers have stopped asking for funding rounds. when they realized that they were having difficulty spending what they had.This result indicates either that the suppliers did not suffer significant losses or that they did so in a way. such that the FRP could not be resolved.

The table below shows the new deadlines for the use of funds and the corresponding reporting period, which is available on the Supplier Assistance Fund Reporting Portal:

In addition to the reporting deadline requirements, the HHS also now requires suppliers to report for each payment they received in excess of $ 10,000 rather than the cumulative requirement above $ 10,000 which required a single report according to previous directives. Additionally, the agency now requires that skilled nursing facilities that have received the infection control distribution from skilled nursing facilities and nursing homes to report to general and targeted distribution groups.

the PRF Portal has only been open for registration since early 2021, as we await guidance on reporting requirements and anticipated changes. Now the portal will be open for actual reports from July 1, 2021. Reporting and auditing requirements are available here. Suppliers are encouraged to register if they haven’t already, and then dust off their accounting reports for submission on July 1, 2021.