Heroes & Empires has an in-game economy built into the back of their HE tokens. These tokens are part of the blockchain technology the game runs on, so there are only a limited number in circulation at a time and are used to purchase new heroes, arenas to train said heroes, and items for use in combat.

How do players earn these HE tokens? Several methods are available during the current beta, although more may be added as the game develops.

To play the game

The easiest way to earn HE Tokens in Heroes & Empires is by playing the game. Currency will be part of the rewards for completing Daily Quests, Story Missions, and Seasonal Events.

Participate in the community

Players can also earn HE tokens by participating in the governance of the game. Periodic votes on how the game is to be run or on new features to be implemented will be organized by the developers. Everyone who participates in these votes will earn HE tokens to use in the in-game market.

PvP Rankings

Participating in the PvP element of Heroes & Empires will allow players to earn HE Tokens, with higher rankings in the ranks that yield higher rewards. There are few details on how these rewards will play out once the game launches its app in December, so we’ll have to be careful to determine if this is a good ROI in time.

Via the in-game marketplace

The market is where many of the game’s assets can be obtained. Players can purchase new hero packs containing five new characters with fluctuating value depending on market conditions and sell them in the market. You can also sell heroes and items obtained through an in-game summon to other players. Each transaction will earn HE tokens.

Heroes & Empires will launch on iOS and Android in December 2021, with the web browser version launching in April 2022.