When Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker versions, many old Tomestone and Scrip currencies will disappear instantly. This includes some of the most used money from Toward the sky To Shadowbringer. Smart players who trade their currency at the right time may find increased value or better deals. This can mean both waiting for certain Scrips, while quickly unloading Tomstones.

Gravestones and scripts are used to purchase the best gear at the max level of each expansion. When a Final Fantasy XIV expanding sunsets, its equipment enters a more universal pool that can be purchased with just one type of money. For combat roles, it’s still Poetic Tomstones. Craftsmen and Gatherings are a bit more unique, taking the last script introduced in the previous content.

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Players should note that exchanging money is a two-part process that cannot be completed at the same time. For currencies that are no longer in circulation (Phantasmagoria Tomestones, Red Scrips), players must complete the exchange before Endwalker enters Early Access November 19. If a currency only decreases in value but remains physically in Final Fantasy XIV, the exchange will open after Endwalker is live. This opportunity will last until the release of patch 6.1. There’s no official launch date, but historically they’ve been released four months after an expansion launched.

Old tombstones in Final Fantasy XIV

All the rest of Shadowbringer Tomestone money is being phased out. Players will only be able to use the much older Poetic Tomstones from Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn, and a new unnamed motto for Endwalker. However, the prices of level 80 gear like Crystarium and Cryptlurker will be adjusted to a new value.


Phantasmagoria was previously the first Tomestone of Shadowbringer, but slowly devalued over time. The money was not forcibly removed from the player’s inventory and stayed for anyone who decided to keep it. Now players should head to Auriana in Revenant’s Toll (x: 22.7, Y: 6.7) and she will convert all four phantasmagorias into one allegory. Any extra that is not divisible by four will be forfeited and removed from the player’s accounts. Its conversion offer will end with the release of patch 6.0.


Allegory Tombstones can be used to purchase item level 490 Crystarium equipment. Endwalker is freed, Auriana will change her business to swap all four Allegories into one Poetics each – and will always reject any remainder that is not a multiple of four. Because Crystarium armor and weapons are no longer the most Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringer, players will want to keep the maximum amount of 2,000 Allegory without spending more.

Life in Revenant 14's Final Fantasy Toll


The Stones of Revelation can be used to purchase item level 520 Cryptlurker equipment in the town of Eulmore, the most powerful currently in everyone. Final Fantasy XIV. Much like Allegory, Auriana will swap all four revelations into one poetic and destroy the rest. On the same date, all Cryptlurker items will be purchasable with Poetic Tomestones. However, historically, the value conversion in previous expansions has never been 100%. This means that inattentive players may end up paying double or more of the value by using Poetics for Endwalker.

For this reason, players are strongly advised to make all Cryptlurker purchases necessary for their primary work with Revelations. Can also be supplemented with similar item level Blades armor in the Final Fantasy XIV Raid Dalriada. Only after being fully equipped and ready for Endwalker should we focus on hitting the maximum cap of 2,000 disclosures. But, a major caveat is that only 900 reveals can be won each week, which makes it a tight call if one expects to recover right before. Endwalkeris the launch.

Old Crafting and Gathering Scripts in Final Fantasy XIV

Agent of the House of Splendors in Final Fantasy 14

Scripts used for both Disciples of the Hand and Disciples of Earth will cease to exist for Endwalker. However, unlike Tomestones, the withdrawal was much slower and more forgiving, resulting in older forms of money being FFXIV To the sky and Stromblood still in circulation. Another consequence is that Shadowbringer The main motto, the White Scrips, will always be fully utilized.

Red coupons

The Craftsman and Gatherer versions of Red Scrips were no longer needed when Shadowbringer has been freed. But, players could still leave them in their inventory unspent if they wished. Much like Phantasmagoria, players only have until November 19 to trade them in for Yellow Scripts at a 4: 1 rate. This can be done by talking to the Certificate exchanger in the Revenant toll (x: 22.6, y: 6.6).

Good yellow

The yellow scripts were once the most prestigious scripts in Stormblood, but has become extremely commonplace for Shadowbringer. Yellow scripts can be easily collected in Final Fantasy XIV secondary activities such as personalized deliveries. When Endwalker versions, the script exchanger will turn all four yellow scripts into a white script. Additionally, all old yellow script items will still be purchasable with white scripts. Much like the Apocalypse, item values ​​may not be exact, so one may want to make big purchases now for cheaper deals. However, yellow scripts don’t have a limit of 900 per week, so collecting 4,000 (2,000 for Disciple of Hand and another 2,000 for Disciple of the Land) will be much easier than Tomestones.

Removal or adjustment of the token

While all Yellow Scrip items will be converted, much older prizes won with the special blue and red tokens will become inaccessible. Tokens are a form of promissory notes that players can buy with scripts to exchange rare and expensive items over the 2,000 script limit. In addition, some yellow token rewards like Goblin Cups, Goblin Dice, and items that can also be obtained via Synthesis will be removed. Square Enix strongly recommends making these purchases before Endwalker comes out, or the money previously spent may become useless.

White paper standard

Instead of disappearing, the best Scrip will become the everyday motto for craftspeople and gatherers. This will include earning White Scrips by returning them Final Fantasy XIV Collectibles at the Maison des Splendeurs. This actually results in a buying strategy that is completely opposite to that of Revelations. We will want to collect as many White Scrips as possible and then spend them all after release. Endwalker. This way, level 80 tasks can be faster and easier.

No matter if one takes the time to maximize profits, poetic tombstones and white scripts will be plentiful once Endwalker released. It will be possible to get high level armor for all jobs, but it will just take a lot longer for those who are waiting. Those who prepared for level 80 early will be a little closer to seeing the gripping level 90 content in FFXIV Endwalker.

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Final Fantasy 14 A Kingdom Reborn, Toward the sky, Stormblood, and Shadowbringer are available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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