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Cookie Run Kingdom is filled with a variety of game modes that can be played in exchange for valuable rewards. One of those modes is Guild Battle, which requires players to be part of one of the player-led guilds in the game.

Although it is not necessary at any time to join a guild in Cookie Run Kingdom, it is highly recommended because there are only advantages and no disadvantages. Players can even start their own guild if they want to take responsibility for running the group for themselves. It costs 500 crystals to make, but this price is only once with no additional maintenance costs.

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As guilds are led by players, different guilds have different standards for who joins them. For this reason, there will be guilds that will only allow players of certain realm levels or certain amounts of in-game activity. It is good for players to research the guild that is right for them before applying for one. between them.

Join a guild

Cookie Run Kingdom Guild Menu

To join a guild, players must select the friends icon in the upper right corner of their screen. This is represented as a small group of people. Selecting this icon will open a menu with three different tabs. These tabs are World, Friends, and Guilds. Select the Guilds tab to begin the membership process.

The menu will display a list of recommended guilds to join. This is good for players who don’t have a definite plan when it comes to guilds. If players want to join a specific guild, there is a search bar to search for them. By selecting the guild of their choice, players will have the opportunity to join it.

Something very important to note is that guilds are server restricted, so Pure Vanilla server players can only join other Pure Vanilla based guilds with the same for Hollyberry server players. Another important thing is that each guild has a hard limit of 30 players at most. If a server is full, other players cannot join it until space is freed up.

Exclusive Guild Rewards

CR Cream Biscuit

As noted earlier, participating in guild activities may grant players special access to prizes that cannot be won elsewhere. These rewards are mainly obtained through the special guild gacha system.

With guild gacha, players do not use crystals to make gacha draws. Instead, players use Heroic Torches, a currency earned by completing Guild Battles. These battles can be fought up to three times per day, with the whole guild working together to fight the Red Velvet Dragon on different levels. The more damage the dragon inflicts, the more heroic torches it gains.

The following rewards are only available through Guild Gacha:

Cream cookie The bookseller’s eyeglass treasure Creamy Cookie Puff Soul Stone Flame of Unity Level Five Flame of Unity Level Four Flame of Unity Level Three Flame of Unity Level Two

Cookie Run: Kingdom is available on Android and iOS devices.

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