Last night peated adam of Great Britain came away unusually without a medal in the men’s 100m breaststroke at a major international competition.

On the third night of these 2022 Commonwealth Games, Peaty hit a time of 59.86 to place 4th in the event in which he won three long course World Championship titles, two gold medals Olympics and the equal in which he currently holds the world record.

However, the fact that Peaty was running even here in Birmingham was significant, as the dominant ace has been rehabilitating a broken foot since at least May this year. The injury knocked him out of the pool for this year’s World Championships.

Talk to BBC about his 4th place finish in front of a home crowd, “It takes time to reflect and heal. I’m going to take a long break, completely reset and have a strong winter. I haven’t had a strong winter in 2 years and it shows.

“I have to go back to basics. Something’s gone…i haven’t felt the spark in 2 years…you can burn out from the sport you love…so it’s like how to get the spark back.

Speaking of the 50m breaststroke sprint, after a rough night where the 27-year-old said he only slept around 2 hours, Peaty qualified for tomorrow night’s 50m breaststroke final with a 2nd seed. standard in 27.03.

Helping Peaty bounce back after missing out on his first 100m podium in nearly a decade was a longtime British and England teammate Jacques-Guy.

“Jimmy last night said ‘man, don’t let swimming define you.

“It was a bit like a switch. As athletes, we always believe that our results define us and that the whole world sees us as our results,” Peaty told the media today in Birmingham.

“But you know what, I’ve always done what I’ve done for the last eight years, always won every championship, broken every world record – it didn’t take me away, I had a bad day at the office.”

From Guy’s perspective, the multi-Olympic medalist said of his words to Peaty, “I was talking to him and he was a little upset and I was like ‘man, that’s the only bad swim you’ve had in about 10 years.’

“You’re more than just a swimmer, it’s just part of our journey, our career. Think about all the quarterbacks I have and not getting on the podium.

“Don’t let swimming define who you are – a bad run is just a bad day at the office. We’ve all been there, don’t overthink it for God’s sake.