President Joe Biden has just announced a plan to purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine to be distributed worldwide “unconditionally” simply “to save lives” and “to end this pandemic” , did he declare.

Isn’t that special. But when Joe Biden gives, it’s not out of his pocket. It’s yours. To exploit. All of us. All American taxpayers, in fact.

“We are a nation full of people who come together in times of need to help our fellow human beings, both at home and abroad,” Biden said. mentionned, by making his announcement. “We are not perfect, but we are moving forward. “

It’s easy to spend other people’s money, isn’t it?

Biden didn’t expand on this point, but let’s be clear: When he talks about buying 500 million doses of the coronavirus vaccine, he’s talking about using US tax dollars to make the purchase. Another way of looking at it: if Peter is the American taxpayer and Paul the third world, Joe Biden is trying to play Jesus. Or rather, a distorted version of Jesus, the one who pushes socialism as biblical.

‘US’ to buy 500 million doses of Covid vaccine for world, ‘BBC headlines in Biden announcement Lily.

Yes. This is the truest way to put it. After all, this is not an announcement that Pfizer is distributing 500 million snapshots to the world. This is an ad about Americans buying Pfizer pictures and then distributing them around the world. And we don’t yet have the real dollars and cents on the costs to taxpayers of this big redistribution of vaccine dollars; the White House hasn’t exactly been coming up on this detail. But “people familiar with the deal told the New York Times the United States would pay for the doses at a ‘not-for-profit’ price,” BBC wrote.


Biden, it seems, got a good deal so taxpayers didn’t have to pay a heavy price. Still, there are a lot more dollars for vaccines where it came from. Tucked away in recent COVID-related bills were $ 4 billion in congressional approvals for the United States Agency for International Development, or USAID, to be devoted to “multilateral COVID-19 vaccination efforts.” , and various additional appropriations totaling $ 15 billion for a “range” of other “global responses to COVID-19”, such as the Congressional Research Service reported.

The COVID vaccine market is booming.

It becomes almost as lucrative as the radical environmentalist selling credits on the carbon dioxide market – you know, the one where the government generates fear of making a market that then becomes a cash cow of the government-company special program. most lucrative business?

Vaccines, meet Covax.

Covax, according to its website description, is “one of the three pillars of the COVID-19 Tool Access Accelerator, which has been launched in April by the World Health Organization, the European Commission and France in response to this pandemic. What is that ? It unites governments, global health bureaucrats, vaccine manufacturers, scientists, philanthropists and private sector actors in the diagnosis, diagnosis and treatment of COVID-19, and the administration of vaccines against coronavirus. And then, whatever the other vaccines, the other vaccines fell.

Selling fear is fun. And profitable.

It is also a project of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, an organization started in 1999 with $ 750 million in seed money from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – you know, the foundation run by the guy leading the promotion of coronavirus vaccines to the world. The foundation is linked through its Decade of Vaccines program to Anthony Fauci, the other man leading the promotion of coronavirus vaccines to the world.

There are more, many more twists and turns and puzzling conflicts of interest on this path of coronavirus vaccine development and distribution to explore. But when it comes to Covax, one little thing to note is this push for relevant actors – like the US government – to join forces with Covax and vaccinate the world: “By joining the [Covax] The facility, participating countries and economies will not only have access to the world’s largest and most diverse COVID-19 vaccine portfolio, but also an actively managed portfolio. The facility continuously monitors the COVID-19 vaccine landscape to identify the most suitable candidate vaccine candidates, based on scientific merit and scalability, and works with manufacturers to encourage them to expand their production capacity before vaccines do not receive regulatory approval ”, Gavi.org wrote.

Covax, at its core, is sort of a bypassing all vaccine licensing requirements – i.e. safety measures – of all different levels of bureaucracy in all different levels of government. Want to get a vaccine approved and sold quickly? Forget about this tedious Food and Drug Administration process; forget even that precarious emergency use authorization method for public relations. Go to Covax. Join the Covax facility. Covax got you back. The organization identifies markets for vaccines, mediates between manufacturers and governments to get these newly developed vaccines into people’s arms, and it does so in a way that speeds up the normal safety measures that make it so. difficult for pharmaceutical companies to turn their years of research and development into real benefits.

So what does Joe Biden take away from this deal?

Who knows. Political capital? Hard money? A widening of the circle of globalist governance? A weekend getaway in Venezuela and a specially organized dinner with Nicolas Maduro to talk about the boutique? Again, who knows.

What is known, however, is that U.S. taxpayers are paying this multi-million- and multi-billion dollar Gavi-Covax-coronavirus-vaccine-gift bill. And you can be sure taxpayers won’t see any financial return on the investment.

Investment? Wait. Make this diagram.

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