OVERLAND PARK, Kan., June 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Heritage advisors, a financial consulting firm based in Overland Park, Kansas, announced a $ 100,000 grant for Community Veterans Project (VCP). VCP, a non-profit organization, independent from federal funding, has a long-term goal of ending homelessness among veterans nationwide. Their first project, VCP Village – KC, is an innovative community of 49 small houses for homeless veterans. Using Kansas City as a model to achieve similar successes in cities across United States, The Veterans Community Project officially began its expansion with a mission to serve eight communities by 2022.

“One number really struck me. Over 90% of the veterans the PCV works with are able to recover and readjust to society. Today my family and Keen Wealth Advisors support the Veterans Community Project. most recent initiative, the VCP Veterans Navigation Campus.

“A few years ago I was intrigued by the many reports I saw about the new ‘little houses’ helping homeless veterans in the area. Kansas City,” mentionned Bill keen, CRPC®, Founder and CEO of Keen Wealth Advisors. “I contacted and connected the Veterans Community Project, and the more I learned, the more impressed I was with the impact of the PCV. Their operation is now expanding with their brand new initiative – the Veterans Navigation Campus, which will be modeled after the centralized location on military bases that assist service members with military matters. The main difference is that this campus focus on civilian life and create a straight line to life changing support including housing, emergency aid, mental health, legal aid, substance abuse, health care, job skills / training workforce, VA navigation and more, ”Keen said.


The Bill and Carissa Keen Charitable Foundation and Keen Wealth Advisors provided $ 100,000 grant to assist in the development of the Veterans Navigation Campus, a planned campus located at Kansas City, Missouri, which is designed to harness the collective power of Kansas City A Veterans Services Community and a coalition of trusted partners – nonprofits and local businesses – who will provide assistance to Veterans in their respective areas of expertise. Many Veterans are not receiving the services they need because accessing them is complex and confusing. According to a study by the Department of Veterans Affairs, 14 of the 20 veterans who kill themselves daily are not linked to the VA or other supporting organization. “One number really stood out to me,” Keen said. “Over 90% of the veterans the PCV works with are able to recover and readjust to society. Today my family and Keen Wealth Advisors are supporting the Veterans Community Project’s latest initiative, the VCP Veterans Navigation Campus. . “


“There are a lot of our brothers and sisters who are too ashamed to ask for help or don’t know where to look for it,” said Brandonn Mixon, co-founder of the Veterans Community Project (VCP), project leader and retired US Army specialist. “We owe it to them to be able to expand, to truly change and to have an impact on their lives. We believe in the importance of helping anyone who walks through our doors, whether homeless or housed, disabled, non-disabled, honorably or dishonorably released It’s our goal to serve those who have served us and we don’t care who you are. Asking for help is what saved my life. And it might save someone’s life too. one else.

“By combining resources and working collaboratively, the resident partners of the Veterans Navigation Campus will provide focused and comprehensive care to all Veterans under one umbrella. By dramatically reducing barriers to access, the VCP strives not only to prevent veteran homelessness, but also to have a radical impact on the Veteran Suicide crisis in our community, ”said Mixon.

“We can’t do it alone. VCP is called a community project for a reason. Community partners like the Keen family and Keen Wealth Advisors are the reason we can do what we do. With their help, we are building a New navigation center for Kansas City Veterans that will allow vets to find the resources they need in one place. This is going to be a game-changer, “Mixon added.

“Sometimes veterans get lost and slip through the cracks. I never had the honor of serving for the freedom of our country, but my grandfather served in WWII, in Korea and Vietnam. It has always been very important to me, ”said Keen. “VCP is a 501 (c) (3) registered charity that receives no government funding. Once we saw the success of their initial campus and the continued need for the Veterans Navigation Campus, we were inspired to step up and participate. “


Keen Wealth Advisors is headquartered at Overland Park, Kansas. CEO Bill keen is a Certified Retirement Planning Advisorâ„  and Financial Advisor with 28 years of industry experience. As the founder of Keen Wealth Advisors, an SEC-registered investment advisory firm, he and his team focus on providing personalized retirement planning designed to help people thrive before and during their career. retirement.

With a passion for educating others, Bill co-hosts “Want to retire“- a podcast designed to provide friends and clients of Keen Wealth Advisors with an additional tool to stay informed and educated on key retirement planning and investing issues. Continuing his passion for education, Bill is the author Longing for retirement, a book that focuses on the common steps in making a financial plan and the psychological and emotional challenges associated with retirement. The firm also regularly presents several topics related to educational retirement planning to Kansas City Community. Keen appears regularly on Forbes and has previously shared his thoughts with national media such as US News and World Report, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch, and Yahoo Finance.


Founded in 2016 by combat veterans and based in Kansas City, Missouri, Veterans Community Project offers an innovative homeless housing and outreach program that provides inclusive services to help veterans take back control of their lives.

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Keen Wealth Advisors Launches Local Veterans Navigation Campus with $ 100,000 grant

Small homes make a huge difference to Kansas City Veterans and KansasCompany Based Financial Advisory Firm Is Grateful To Help You

Keen Wealth Advisors Launches Local Veterans Navigation Campus with $ 100,000 grant

Small homes make a huge difference to Kansas City Veterans and KansasCompany Based Financial Advisory Firm Is Grateful To Help You

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