In a mobile gaming world with titans like Pokémon GO and Genshin Impact, Cookie Run: Kingdom was released earlier this year as a new sensation from the popular Cookie race franchise by Devsisters. After the success of Cookie Run: OvenBreak, it is quite natural that Kingdom has followed in his footsteps and has become a hit, more and more popular in recent months. One of the things that boosted her popularity was a collaboration event featuring Sonic the hedgehog.

The Sonic the event was fairly straightforward; it featured an event scene and daily giveaways that handed out rings, used to roll into a special gacha “item box” that would give either Soul Stones or Chaos Emeralds, used to ultimately get the Sonic cookies and Tails exclusive to the event for players to put into their teams. While this sounds good in theory, the way the event was scaled up detracted from the idea in practice.

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Mobile games should be welcome for new players


Collaboration events are by nature meant to promote both halves of the crossover. Cookie Run: Kingdom aimed to obtain Sonic fans to play the game, and for Cookie race fans it was a huge publicity for Sonic30th anniversary of. Unfortunately, the collaboration ended up transforming some Sonic fans away from the title. The event was designed specifically so that early adopters can easily erase it, while newer ones Cookie Run: Kingdom players couldn’t complete the first stage without playing for long stretches – let alone the event as a whole.

Cookie Run: Kingdom uses a Power Tip level on stages to indicate how strong players must be to beat the level. For reference, the final boss of the second game world has a Power Tip of 13,014 and can be beaten easily by novice players. The first leg of Sonic’s Green Hill area had over one hundred thousand people right off the bat. The event also had its own energy to play in, Sonic’s Speed ​​Shoes automatically releasing one every half hour. With the default cap of sixty speed shoes, this meant players had to wait 30 hours to be at full energy – at least ten hours for the twenty speed shoes needed to play the early stages of the event stage. .

Cookie Run: Kingdom update arrived too late

Cookie Run Kingdom Licorice Cookie

How many fans didn’t like the event that hurt the new players he was supposed to invite, Cookie Run: Kingdom released an update that reduced Power Tip and overall difficulty, but this update was released with just 15 days left in an event that required players to wait longer than a day to play. The Devsisters handed out several compensation items, such as rings and speed shoes, and even increased the energy cap from sixty events to ninety, but the wait was still around ten hours for allow fans to have enough energy.

The damage had already been done, and many fans who joined in getting the Sonic and Tails cookies have already deleted the app from their devices and moved on. Since this issue was known at the start of the event, if the fix had arrived faster, it is not clear how much the player count would have changed. Although the event may not have slowed down Cookie Run: Kingdom’s popularity, being friendlier to new players might have kept a few eager to play.

For a game that was only released recently, the mismanagement of the Sonic the event was a bad first impression. As much as Cookie Run: Kingdom Has a loyal player base, newcomers can only associate the game with tricky events designed to increase downloads, rather than keep players frequent. Without forgetting, alongside Sonic The event featured numerous microtransaction packages designed to facilitate the event for real currency, which appeared to “pay to win” rather than eager to invite new players.

Even though the Sonic the event was frustrating for new players, the game is filled with fun content. It has two dedicated Cookie arena modes, several challenging side story modes, and gamer friendly gacha rates. Devsisters also rewards frequent players with constant in-game giveaways that keep them coming back for more throughout the day. The Sonic the hedgehog the event should not be seen as a failure, but as a learning experience to be done Cookie Run: Kingdom more welcoming for the next event. After all, it has a lot to offer those who are willing to give the game a second chance.

Cookie Run: Kingdom is now available for Android and iOS devices.

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