Kryz Uy. Screenshot of Skypodcast’s YouTube page

Kryz Uy is surprised that many people feel like she has “generational wealth”.

The vlogger recently broached the subject with her husband, former “Pinoy Big Brother” winner Slater Young, on their podcast.

It all started when she shared a video of her and their eldest child, Scottie, at a dog store.

Scottie wanted to buy a pet dog that cost 230,000 pesos, but Uy told her she couldn’t afford it.

“It was so expensive and Scottie kept begging me to buy it. I was like, ‘Oh my god, sorry, I can’t afford to buy it for you,'” she recalled . “And oddly enough, this story has been picked up by so many outlets… And because of that, the nag-ako trend sa Twitter.”

“It’s so funny because one of our editors told me…that a lot of people misinterpreted and thought I bought the dog,” she added. “But I didn’t buy it, and then other people thought I bought it. ‘Di namin has the means.’

Another trending video, this time on TikTok, showed an alleged law student saying her goal was to look like Uy, who would lead a fabulous life due to her “generational wealth.”

Visibly confused, the vlogger said: “In the caption someone said, ‘Oh Kryz Uy is the norm because she’s so rich, she’s got generational wealth. And then nag-how mga tao doon na she owns this, she owns that – which is not true. It’s so funny.”

“They are my cousins, my parents [who] own them, not me,” she pointed out.

Young, for his part, reiterated that just like him, Uy worked hard to support their growing family.

“Parang noong nakita ko ‘yon, I wanted people to know that you are struggling,” he said.

“I don’t know, but that’s how I interpret it. Generational wealth is like your kids will never have to work a day in their life. Wala pa kami doon. That’s the goal, though,” he admitted.

In response, Uy said, “Sana lang, sana.”

One of the most popular content creators in the Philippines, Uy has over 1 million YouTube subscribers and 1.1 million Instagram followers.

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