“What is circulating that the gas will be Israeli gas is totally and completely false”

Lebanon denies reports that a US-brokered deal has been struck for Israel to indirectly supply it with natural gas.

Israel’s northern neighbor is facing a fuel crisis so severe that it cut internet service for tens of thousands of people on Sunday.

The Ministry of Energy and Water in a statement qualified the information broadcast on Saturday by the Israeli channel Channel 12 News “totally and utterly false.”

The secret deal would see Israeli natural gas delivered from its Leviathan offshore gas field to Jordan, then to Syria before reaching Lebanon.

Lebanon views Israel as an enemy state, so public denial is not unexpected.

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The ministry statement said the Lebanese and Egyptian governments were working on a gas supply agreement strictly for Egyptian natural gas.

At the same time, the internet network was cut on Sunday in Lebanon due to a shortage of diesel, according to the state supplier.

Imad Kreidieh, the head of internet service provider Ogero, previously tweeted that starting Sunday morning, a major West Beirut station, al-Mazraa, would run out of fuel.

More than 26,000 people were left without internet access, including the country’s general security operating rooms, he said. Al Jadeed Television.

On Sunday, a resident donated diesel, enabling the station to operate again, he said. Meanwhile, another neighborhood in eastern Beirut, Achrafieh, ran out of fuel and was running on batteries only.

“The situation is unbearable,” Kreidieh told the TV station.

The Lebanese live on just a few hours of electricity a day and depend on a network of private generators. Some neighborhoods are often left in total darkness for several hours.

The political stalemate has deepened the economic crisis that has plagued the country since 2019 and which has been ranked by the World Bank as the worst in the world since 1850, with an unprecedented depreciation of its currency and an impoverishment of the population.

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