Lehvoss UK chief executive Ivan Pennington said the company has funds for further acquisitions across all sectors, so it can move if the right opportunity arises.

Pennington said he had been watching Gee Lawson for a number of years and the deal took 12 months to complete. Group policy prevented him from saying how much the transaction was worth; all he could say was that it was “meaningful.”

“The company is well managed and enjoys a solid reputation in the market both in the UK and in Europe. Sales in the US market are an added advantage of the agreement. ” Pennington said.

Pennington has confirmed that Gee Lawson will be allowed to operate independently of Lehvoss UK for the foreseeable future: “I intend to keep the London office and the 34 employees – why fix something that isn’t broken? The two former owners remain in place and have the confidence to continue to manage and grow the business with their management team. “

Pennington added that there was very little overlap within Lehvoss’ portfolio, which he said was rare these days and was another bonus in the acquisition.

Jonathan Shorts, former owner of Gee Lawson, said it was an easy decision to join the Group: “With their support, we will be able to support and develop both our supply base and our customers by helping to develop sales and distribution throughout Europe and beyond. of the.”

The Group already has nutritional activities in the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany, but mainly focuses on mineral additives (in particular magnesium salts).

“Lehvoss UK has been the driving force behind the generation of a broader product portfolio and the shift to other types of nutritional raw materials to complement our already strong position in minerals”, Pennington explained. He added that the Group’s structure and investment will allow Gee Lawson to further develop its sales across Europe, especially in markets where it had not had sufficient resources to fully cover them.