No political party has height

A few days ago, Mr. Kenneth Randall responded to another letter writer who had suggested that because Republicans oppose critical race theory, they are somehow racist. The letter suggested that a review of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have A Dream” speech might help the writer (I suspect) understand racism a little better. I’ll save the pros and cons of CRT for another day. However, I would like to give a history lesson based on 21st century facts that has nothing to do with the CRT.

The first Congress met in 1789 and since then approximately 12,400 people have “served” on Capitol Hill. About 1,300 of them have been senators, 10,400 have been representatives, and 680 of them have served in both houses of Congress. A total of 174 (1.4%) of those 12,400 were black.

Of the 113 confirmed to the United States Supreme Court, 5.3% (six) of them were black.

Of the 45 men who worked in the Oval Office, one (2.2%) was black.

Of the 50 states, 20 of them (40%) have not yet sent a black person to represent them on Capitol Hill. Ten states have never sent a black man to their own statehouse.

Throughout our nation’s history, there have been a total of four black governors. In January 2021, there were no more.

In the past 232 years, only 181 black people have been sent to DC to represent their race. These 181 people were the only members of their race charged with creating, enforcing, and enacting the laws that affected every aspect of their daily lives.

I would suggest that Mr. Randall review Dr. King’s speech paying particular attention to the part about a “promissory note” which is also in the speech.

It seems that neither side can claim “moral height” when it comes to racism.

Bill Miller