Alexandria, Virginia, August 3, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Monument Wealth Management Announces Emily M. Harper, CFP (R) and Jessica L. gibbs, CFP (R) as partners of the private management company. The two women were identified by the co-founders of Monument, Dean J. Catino, CFP (R), CPWA (R) and David B. Armstrong, CFA as innovative and sharp leaders, fully capable of realizing their original vision of providing clear and straightforward advice to their clients.

“During their years with Monument, Emily and Jessica have earned the trust of every client and their teammates,” said Catino. “I am convinced that they will continue to increase their leadership responsibilities and that they will have a significant impact on the long-term evolution of the company.”

Gibbs began his career at Monument in april 2015 as a Financial Planning Associate and was subsequently promoted to Director of Private Wealth Design in 2019. Harper joined as a Private Wealth Advisor in September 2017. Gibbs and Harper both participated in the internal review of Monument. Progression program for advancement, created by the founders to encourage employees to develop their leadership skills and aspirations within the company.

“Monument isn’t just where I developed my financial planning skills. It’s where I felt encouraged to push myself and take on new leadership roles,” Gibbs said. “Becoming a partner is just the latest extension of the support and encouragement I have felt since walking through the doors for the first time. “

Gibbs and Harper both bring a very unique perspective to the industry. Gibbs co-animates Monument’s On the wall podcast with the co-founder, David armstrong and holds the title of Forbes Best Next Generation Advisor. Harper has had many opportunities to share his thought leadership expertise with small business owners and entrepreneurs. You can find his work on Small business on a daily basis and CEO Blog Nation.

“The talented people who make up the Monument team are critically important to helping our clients achieve their goals, both personal and financial,” says Harper. “I am thrilled to continue the incredible precedent that our co-founding partners set by being such caring, people-centered leaders. ”

Armstrong highlighted how executing a strategy to develop the next generation of leaders will ensure a bright future for the entire team and provide clients with the benefit of multigenerational guidance.

“Jessica and Emily have proven they have the talent to be the next generation of Monument leaders,” says Armstrong. “Their initiative, passion, knowledge and empathy are leadership traits that every organization looks for in leaders. ”

The Monument team look forward to the big things Gibbs and Harper will accomplish in their new leadership roles.

Monument Wealth Management is a registered investment advisory firm that offers unfiltered opinions and straightforward advice that properly frames all risks, eliminating the hassle. For more information, contact [email protected] or visit monumentwealthmanagement.com.

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