Fans of the show were shocked last month when the network announced he would not be returning, but weeks later this new incarnation was also announced.

Marc Etkind, Managing Director of Science Channel, said: “When I got on the network, and we clearly identified MythBusters as a franchise and something that was important to Science Channel and Discovery, and it was such a beloved show. , I haven’t. So we took a really close look at what would be the best way to maintain and reinvigorate it and we thought, “Let’s do a global search for the next MythBusters.” “

Search for the Next MythBusters – or as we prefer to call it, America’s Next Top MythBuster – will be a series of reality TV competitions to choose replacements for Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman. According to Variety, it will feature a group of intrepid hopefuls who will be judged on their skills as they compete in never-before-seen myth-busting challenges.

As if the potential replacement of the original ‘Busters wasn’t enough pressure already.

However, that doesn’t really answer the question of why the original hosts aren’t coming back, although apparently they are “supporting” the new generation.

There is no news on when the new show will air. Given that the original MythBusters is available to watch on Netflix in the UK, we expect it to hit our shores pretty soon as well.

Source: hollywood reporter

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