TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River has introduced a program that allows residents to earn rebates on their property taxes through a debit card rewards program.

The Toms River Estate Card is a debit card that offers rewards on purchases that are automatically applied to a person’s property tax bill.

The card must be pre-loaded with funds, but when you use it at participating local and online merchants, the reward amounts accumulate throughout the year and are applied to the following third quarter tax bill.

For example, a cardholder who spends $ 100 at a participating merchant offering a 10% reward will earn $ 10.25 as a reward when using their Estate card ($ 10 merchant reward, plus 0.25% of additional reward on each transaction made with the card). The reward earned is added to the cardholder’s reward account, which accumulates throughout the year.

Capone’s, The Office Lounge, Kopp Electric, and Luigi’s Market are the first Toms River merchants to join the new program, but card users have access to over 3,200 online merchants offering bonus rewards, including Walmart, Target, Kohls, Home Depot and many more. . A complete list of merchants offering rewards is available on the Rewards page on the Toms River Estate Card website.

South Toms River residents and businesses have partnered with the Toms River program, allowing cardholders to receive rewards in both jurisdictions.

City Councilor Terrance Turnbach, who helped continue the program for Toms River, says the new Estate Card will help lower your tax bill through your daily expenses. “This program will aim to stimulate our local economy while providing our residents with property tax relief,” he said.

All legal residents are eligible for the program without a credit check.

Residents can register online at Cards are received by US courier within 5-7 business days. Each time the card is used, a percentage of that purchase goes towards property tax. Reward amounts are listed in your online account and on the Card Rewards mobile app.