New Orleans has a billionaire with a net worth of $ 3.3 billion, making it the number one city in Louisiana in terms of billionaire wealth, according to a new analysis of the 24/7 Wall St.

The richest person in town is Gayle Benson, reported 24/7 Wall St. The website used real-time billionaire rank numbers from Forbes to identify the city in each state with the most billionaires.

The United States is home to around 600 billionaires, according to the analysis, and more than 250 cities across the country are home to at least one resident with net wealth containing at least nine zeros.

The economies of the cities identified in the study are often closely tied to the business interests of billionaires living within their borders, 24/7 Wall St. reported. Seattle’s economy, for example, benefits from being in the spotlight. House Amazon.com and CEO Jeff Bezos.

New York, the most populous city in the country, is home to more billionaires than any other municipality in the country, according to the study. And seven low-population states – Alabama, Alaska, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota and Vermont – do not have cities with billionaires, according to the report.

City in every state with the greatest billionaire wealth

state City Billionaires living in the city Combined net worth of billionaires in the city The richest billionaire in town Finalist city
Arizona Phoenix 7 $ 24.9 billion Ernest Garcia III Temple
Arkansas Bentonville 2 $ 124.6 billion Jim walton Fayetteville
California San Francisco 41 $ 173.8 billion Dustin Moskovitz Los Angeles
Colorado Denver 4 $ 23.5 billion Philip anschutz Elizabeth
Connecticut Greenwich 11 $ 47.2 billion Ray dalio Branford
Florida palm beach 11 $ 61.6 billion Thomas peterffy Miami Beach
Georgia Atlanta 12 $ 55.1 billion Jim kennedy Nothing
Hawaii Honolulu 1 $ 23.8 billion Pierre Omidyar Nothing
Idaho Idaho Falls 1 $ 3.5 billion Frank VanderSloot Nothing
Illinois Chicago 11 $ 49.5 billion Ken griffin Highland park
Indiana Bloomington 1 $ 10.5 billion Carl Cook Indianapolis
Iowa Abel 1 $ 5.4 billion Harry stine Nothing
Kansas Wichita 1 $ 44.9 billion Charles Koch Leawood
Kentucky Lexington 2 $ 8.5 billion Tamara gustavson Louisville
Louisiana New Orleans 1 $ 3.3 billion Gayle benson Nothing
Maine Scarborough 1 $ 2 billion Susan alfond Nothing
Maryland Potomac 2 $ 9 billion Mitchell rales Chevy Chase
Massachusetts Boston ten $ 33.9 billion Edward Johnson III Newton
Michigan Franklin 1 $ 49.7 billion Daniel Gilbert Grand Rapids
Minnesota Mankato 1 $ 2.5 billion Glen taylor St. Paul
Mississippi Hattiesburg 2 $ 2.8 billion James and Thomas Duff Nothing
Missouri Saint Louis 5 $ 18.5 billion Pauline MacMillan Keinath Springfield
Montana Missoula 2 $ 8.3 billion Dennis washington Bozeman
Nebraska Omaha 3 101 billion dollars Warren Buffett Nothing
Nevada Las Vegas 6 $ 14.3 billion Steve wynn Reno
New Jersey Saddle River 1 $ 7.2 billion Rocco Commisso Millburn
new York New York City 86 446 billion dollars Michael bloomberg Oyster Bay
North Carolina Cary 3 $ 15 billion James goodnight Nothing
Ohio Cleveland 3 $ 3.3 billion Norma Lerner New Albany
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 3 $ 23.2 billion Tom and Judy Love Tulsa
Oregon Hillsboro 1 $ 51.6 billion Phil Knight and his family Portland
Pennsylvania Philadelphia cream 3 $ 10.6 billion Victoria march Bryn Mawr
Rhode Island Providence 1 $ 2 billion Jonathan nelson Nothing
Caroline from the south Charleston 1 $ 1.9 billion Anita zucker Nothing
South Dakota Sioux Falls 1 $ 1.6 billion T. Denny Sanford Nothing
Tennessee Nashville 3 $ 20.7 billion Thomas Frist Jr. and family Franklin
Texas Dallas 18 $ 57.9 billion Jerry jones Houston
Utah Provo 3 $ 3.5 billion Ryan jones Salt lake city
Virginia McLean 2 $ 4.7 billion William Conway Jr. The plains
Washington Seattle 8 $ 252.2 billion Jeff Bezos Medina
West Virginia Lewisburg 1 $ 1.2 billion Jim Justice II Nothing
Wisconsin Root 3 $ 11.7 billion S. Curtis Johnson Clear water
Wyoming Jackson 3 $ 52.1 billion John mars Jackson’s Little Hole

Source: 24/7 Wall St.

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