Jason Horne-Francis just wasn’t ‘ready for the fight’ in North Melbourne as the Kangaroos confirm they saw no red flags for homesickness when they drafted him from Australia from the South with a choice.

Just a day after Horne-Francis claimed he wanted ‘stability’ as the reason for his trade to Port Adelaide, Northern roster manager Brady Rawlings said the club had to let him go as they weren’t doing not trust his “state of mind” to return to the Roos.

“Obviously we review this (the decision to draft Horne-Francis) all the time with the context that we did. It all came back very strong,” he said.

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“We didn’t think we would get the most out of him in the state of mind he was probably going to be in (if the trade wasn’t facilitated).

“We felt the best thing to do was to move on and get some money for him this year and we can go to the draft and pick up players – high-end characters and players who want to be in our football club.

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Fox Footy’s David King said the Horne-Francis trade was “really sad” as the Kangaroos have now given up their first pick for the past two seasons to sit with draft picks two and three in 2022.

“I think you have to read between the lines with the Jason Horne-Francis information really coming from both sides,” he said on the day of trading.

“Jason Horne-Francis said North Melbourne Football Club was unstable, felt like they had no support – I don’t think North Melbourne could have invested more support in that guy.

“They strapped a 432 game legend, game record holder (Brent Harvey) to his hip for 18 months.

“I don’t know what more you could have done from Monday to Friday to help him be the best he could be at the weekend.

“I think it’s easy to throw mud once these players are gone, but North Melbourne Football Club felt they had to get out of the way of Jason Horne-Francis. They had to put an end to this journey.

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“It’s really sad that this is the case.

“I’ve never seen a number one pick not be ready for the fight.

“To pull the rip cord so soon and be done with your tenure at a club that is clearly struggling because they are 18th on the table when you get them… it’s just cut and run.

“I’ve never seen this happen before. I wish him luck in Port Adelaide, but you can just sense there’s a level of anger at what’s happened in the past six months.

North Melbourne was arguably one of the big losers of the trade period after Horne-Francis and picked one who left the mega four-club deal on Monday.

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They now hold picks two and three ahead of this year’s draft – Brisbane should edge them out to nab father-son Will Ashcroft.

To complicate matters, the future first-round pick they received from Port Adelaide is linked to Power’s success in 2023.

Port Adelaide roster boss Chris Davies has said the club are not concerned about perceived behavioral issues with Horne-Francis, following his controversial first season at the Roos.

“From our perspective, Jason’s character was not in question until the draft year,” he said.

“We think we have some really good players around him that he can learn from – Ollie Wines, Travis Boak – those kind of guys who I’m sure will show Jason the way he has to act to be a footballer. of superior quality. “

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