SUNNYVALE, Calif .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ: RMBS) today announced the launch of its payment account tokenization solution to secure account-based transactions, such as Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Payments in real time. The solution will enable central banks and clearing houses to replace sensitive account numbers with unique tokens and reduce the impact of fraud on transactions including direct credit, direct debit and person-to-person payments (P2P).

Reduce account fraud through tokenization

Payment account tokenization secures card payments by replacing valuable account credentials with a crypto token. This process dramatically reduces the risk and impact of account-based fraud as the foundation for a safe and secure instant payments framework. When implemented by a centralized body, such as a central bank, payment account tokenization reduces fraud and enables key use cases such as P2P, direct credit, and real-time push payments.

“Tokenization has already proven itself to secure mobile payments around the world. Our payment account tokenization does the same for real-time payments, allowing account-based transactions to be processed faster and more securely than ever before, ”said Bret Sewell, SVP and General Manager. Rambus Security.

451, Jordan McKee, Senior Research Analyst, notes, “Digital has paved the way for quick and easy payment experiences, leading to an increase in account-based transactions. Scammers have taken note of this trend and are increasingly focusing on account credentials given their increasing payout on many sites including eCommerce websites, mobile and P2P wallets, invoices and payroll. To protect customers and thwart fraudulent attacks, organizations must implement security tactics that serve to eliminate the use of sensitive credentials in the transaction flow.

Account data management, faster and more secure

The introduction of real-time payments increases the risk for financial institutions, as they now have seconds instead of days to identify fraudulent transactions. By completely removing account numbers from the transaction process, tokenization can dramatically reduce the risk and impact of account-based fraud and create secure, real-time payment frameworks.

Main features of tokenization of Rambus payment accounts

The payment account tokenization solution includes a number of core features, including:

  • Account Based Tokenization Eliminates the need to store and transmit sensitive account information, reducing the risk of stolen credentials being used to commit transactional fraud. The system integrates with the existing infrastructure and tokens are routed normally through the payment network.
  • Life cycle management allows banks to link, suspend, (re) activate or unlink tokenized bank account numbers.
  • Domain controls Limit the use of tokens to a specific channel, merchant, or spending limit by applying a set of settings. Any use of the intercepted token outside of its defined parameters would immediately be flagged as fraudulent and render the token useless.
  • Cryptogram protection generates application cryptograms prior to a payment and validates them during a transaction. A cryptogram is a fingerprint of the transaction, containing elements of the sender, recipient, financial institution and the transaction.
  • A token chest is a secure repository, or database, that establishes and maintains the mapping of the payment token to the send / receive account number. The token vault is the only area where the token can be mapped to the consumer’s original card details. All token safes meet Payment Card Industry (PCI) specifications.

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