Check out the Amazon Kindle Fire for $ 199: “What we do is offer high-end products at non-premium prices”, [Amazon CEO Jeff] said Bezos. Other tablet competitors “weren’t price competitive” and “just sold a piece of hardware. We don’t think of the Kindle Fire as a tablet. We see it as a service. (Bloomberg)

Megan McArdle on Solyndra’s investment structure: “…I am clearly opposed to investing half a billion dollars of public funds in a company to see if it can finally make its manufacturing process work. “(The Atlantic)

Fox goes to court for prevent the Dodgers from selling TV rights: “The lawsuit asks the court to reject such a sale, except in accordance with the current contract, under which Fox retains exclusive trading rights until November 2012 as well as the right to match any other offer.

AB 22, California’s No Credit Checks to Get a Job Law, a Good Idea? Governor Brown has yet to sign it. But he has support in the blog-o-sphere: “There are many reasons to believe that using credit reports to judge applicants will lead to unfair results.“(Félix Salmon)

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