Below is a summary of the general flow of the event. The more detailed walkthrough provides information on drops and CE suggestions for each quest.

The overall flow of the event is relatively straightforward, with a new main quest chapter every day until the epilogue is released. For a short time, a Raid Quest will be available. It is possible to miss the Raid, although nothing permanent is lost (players only lose a convenient farming opportunity). Once the Raid Boss is defeated 22,000,000 times on all players, the next main quest unlocks and the Raid disappears.

General Steps:

1) Each day, fill in Main quests that are available.

2) Complete each Free Quest when they unlock at least once to get the first net reward.

3) Continue farming Free quests purchase ECs from the Damage Boost Event Store as soon as possible so they will be available when the raid begins on 9/29/2021 8:30 AM PDT. Masters can focus on purchasing the CE which gives the ideal card type bonus for their Damage Dealer of choice:
– Buster = Bear Fighting Frost
– Fast = Three fishermen
– Arts = Royal Icing

Otherwise, Masters can continue to clear the event store.

4) Close the Raid Quest when it is available (if the boss is already defeated, skip this step and return to step 1).