According to WalletHub, * Richmond has the highest number of craft breweries and wineries per capita in the country. It’s impressive when you consider that we don’t even have vineyards within the city limits. More specifically, there are 10.44 craft breweries per 100,000 inhabitants.

This is no surprise – we all know that if you threw a stone you would probably hit a local brewery. (I’m not advocating it. Keep your stones to yourself.)

It’s not that impressive when you realize we’re tied for first with San Francisco, Portland, Oregon, Seattle, Tampa, Florida, Cincinnati and Denver – we’re just not as special as we think we are. . But given our size compared to other cities, we kill him.

What is surprising is our ranking of grocery stores per capita. We come to number 3, with 119.3 stores per 100,000 inhabitants. It sounds huge, and I can’t imagine how crowded Cincinnati and Orlando, which finished tied for first, are with parking lots, grocery carts and supermarkets.

In addition, Richmond is the 6th largest restaurant per capita. That means we have 6.9 per 100,000 people – and that seems a little low to me. Miami, Orlando, Florida, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Pittsburgh are all ahead of us. (Pittsburgh? Really?)

Our ranking for access to healthy options is shameful: No. 115. This should be our real goal. Jim Scanlon, former Ukrop and Martin executive is working there – he plans to open a Jim’s local market in the East End, although no timetable has been announced. Still, a store is a drop in the bucket.

In short, WalletHub says Richmond is the 9th most food-friendly city overall. And because the rest of the ranked cities are bigger than us, I think we’re doing well here. (Pittsburgh was # 13, for the record.)

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* The data used to create these rankings was collected from the US Census Bureau, Council for Community and Economic Research, Federation of Tax Administrators, Tax Foundation, County Health Rankings, and Yelp. To determine the WalletHub sample, they only considered the city itself in each case and excluded surrounding cities from the metro area.

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