Anyone who watches TV, listens to the radio, or otherwise lives in Michigan is familiar with the arms race. online game operators are struggling to gain new customers.

But below the surface, there is also competition in business-to-business circles across the industry.

A disputed subsection of the sector is online gambling payment options. New businesses, partnerships and digital options are popping up week by week.

What’s more, you can now fund your Michigan sports betting bankroll while getting a Slurpee at 7 eleven, or complete your MI online casino account while completing a CVS prescription.

PayNearMe offers statewide retail options

While you cannot place bets with local store workers, you can now fund certain gaming accounts on all 7-Eleven, CVS, and Family dollar through Pay nearby.

PayNearMe retail deposits were recently approved in Michigan by the Michigan Games Control Board and the option was live on Thursday with FanDuel Casino.

Jeremy Enke of PayNearMe said that several operators will have PayNearMe options available.

You cannot add payment options to online gambling through retailers. But through your account, go to the Cashier section to find the PayNearMe option.

There you select the amount you are going to deposit (up to $ 500 at FanDuel) and print a barcode or have it sent to your phone. You can search for the nearest retailer through the FanDuel cashier while planning your deposit.

To be clear, after you deposit money at retailers, you would place the actual bet through the gaming app or website, not your local cashier.

PayNearMe hopes to become a one-stop-shop deposit option

PayNearMe retail deposits were recently approved in Michigan by the Michigan Gaming Control Board and the option was live Thursday with FanDuel Casino. (Photo courtesy of PayNearMe)

With the launch of online gambling on Jan. 22 in Michigan, operators were accepting cash however they could. This process involved making deals with a handful of payment companies.

But as the market matures, traders are looking for one-stop payment providers who can offer customers all the options.

PayNearMe aims to fill that void, Enke said.

“From a business perspective, being at the forefront of operator needs,” Enke said. “And more importantly, from a players perspective.”

The speed of transactions is increasing across the industry, Enke said, adding that PayNearMe push-to-debit The withdrawal product offers a same day cycle on deposits, bets and withdrawals.

PayNearMe already offers Apple Pay and Google pay options, Enke said, and will add soon Pay Pal and Venmo option.

Enke said PayNearMe is also exploring the reverse of what’s now available, allowing customers to withdraw money at local retailers via account withdrawals.

Paysafe extends Golden Nugget deal to Michigan

A competitor turned to rationalization, because Paysafe announced Thursday a extended partnership with Golden Nugget Online Casino in Michigan.

Paysafe allows Golden Nugget players to link online bank accounts and funds of accounts with credit and debit cards. Golden Nugget players can also use Pay Pal and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions through Global Payments Gaming Solutions.

Paysafe, partner of New Jersey with Golden Nugget since the 2013 online launch there, said it would launch with the operator in West Virginia and Pennsylvania Later this year.

“Like every US iGaming operator, getting correct payouts has always been an important goal for us,” said Thomas Winter, president of Golden Nugget Online Gaming. “Our partnership with Paysafe in New Jersey has helped us streamline and improve payments for us and our customers. So when we chose to enter Michigan’s largest market, extending the partnership was an easy and commercially logical choice.

The “disjointed market” has many competitors, different options

Paysafe and PayNearMe have a wide range of licensed competitors in Michigan, including Skrill, Sight payments and OBeP payments, among others.

Different companies offer different services and operators are trying to find the best solutions for real time online gambling payment options.

“It’s a bit of a rambling market right now,” Enke said. “This is where we see it now, 2021 and beyond, how can we make this easier for operators? In recent years, it was simply a land grab.

“But taking a step back, they’re like, ‘Why are we working with six different payment providers, with six or seven different reconciliations at the end of the month?

“We saw this as an opportunity about a year ago to come up and say, here’s an issue with the gaming industry right now that isn’t necessarily transparent from the gamer side. But a lot of the big companies we talk to (bringing all payments together under one company) resonate with them very well. “

Many operators, including BetRivers Casino, DraftKings Casino and FanDuel, also offers prepaid services Play + optional credit cards.

FanDuel pushed MotorCity Casino deposits

Another competitor for PayNearMe’s cash deposit, which Enke says has put the business on the map, are retail casinos.

FanDuel recently organized a 50% matching bonus promotion of funds deposited in person at FanDuel Sportsbook at MotorCity Casino cage in Detroit.

To be eligible, it had to be your first Cash at the counter deposit. There was a maximum bonus of $ 250 for the promotion, and the bonus funds were to be wagered within the week.

The promotion has ended, but you can still link your MotorCity Casino Club Metro Station card on your FanDuel account. There you can accumulate Signature points, comps and more, according to the FanDuel site.