• SpotOn Transact Inc. said it would offer its point-of-sale services free of charge for one year to aspiring restaurateurs as part of a program with the TV show “Guy’s Restaurant Reboot”.
  • In related news, SpotOn said it raised $ 125 million in Series D funding in a round led by Andreessen Horowitz. The round values ​​the company at $ 1.875 billion.
  • BottlePos, maker of liquor store management software, integrated Paystri’s payment services. The integration also gives access to Paystri’s discount program for merchants.
  • Banking giant HSBC Holdings plc announced that he would be leaving the retail banking business in the United States. Citizens Bank will buy 80 branches along the east coast and Cathay Bank will buy 10 branches in the west coast market.
  • InComm Payments announced a dual-network benefit card that combines open-loop Visa prepaid capability with an over-the-counter network for over-the-counter drug spending through health plans.
  • Digital currency payment provider Flexa launched ecommerce plugins to allow online merchants to accept cryptocurrencies using a Pay with Flexa button.
  • Montgomery County, Indiana has announced it is now accepting Pay Pal, including Venmo, for payments to the county’s 25,000 taxpayers through the Invoice Cloud service.
  • Ria money transfer, a cross-border payments service and a unit of Euronet Worldwide Inc., works with Mooney, a banking and payments company in Italy, to serve 45,000 points of sale and 20 million customers in that country. The service will allow users to send and receive euros.
  • Nacha, the governing body of the Automated Clearinghouse Network, announced the Faster Payments Professional certificate program for same-day ACH education and real-time payments. The program works in collaboration with the Payments Innovation Alliance and the Payments Associations, training groups for the payments industry.

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