Results Tax Accountants, a crypto advisor and tax accounting firm, recently released a few free tax videos that uncover some of the strategies used by some leading crypto investors, traders, miners, and other professionals to keep their earnings from taxes. the crypto tax experts said it was to increase the knowledge of taxpayer clients on the subject.

“Cryptocurrencies are hot right now, but some people are still wondering how they work and why they are worth it. We’ve seen people become millionaires in a short time, motivating newbies to jump on the bandwagon, only to struggle to break even. And even when they do, the government still wants a piece of their pie,” the company spokesperson noted.

Although the subject of cryptocurrency taxation seems controversial and ambiguous for beginners and even intermediate players, it does not eliminate the fact that the government has the right to tax cryptocurrency winnings. For profitable HODLs over one year old, investors are subject to capital gains tax rates. This even applies to sending and receiving payments.

The slightest change could result in thousands of dollars in tax owed. In an effort to avoid legal issues with the IRS, many crypto investors hire CPAs and accounting firms to help them navigate tax waters. While that sounds like a relief, most of these companies do little to help their clients plan and reduce their taxes. A handful even outsource returns overseas.

Such experiences leave the typical crypto investor or holder confused and exasperated. Sleepless nights spent crunching numbers, deciphering tax jargon and calculating gains or losses just aren’t worth it. The good news is that Results Tax Accountants offers solutions to counter these challenges, via the tax reveal video. The firm guarantees:

  • Provide proactive tax planning and advice through in-house certified and approved crypto-CPAs available 24 hours a day.
  • Review pending returns through a 73-point audit to ensure compliance with IRS standards. This way there is no shortage of investors, holders, traders and miners.
  • Apply the correct tax codes to investments and client transactions that evolve complex audits.
  • Checking previous returns for financially draining errors to provide cost-effective solutions that can be included in the current tax return.

Not all CPAs familiar with handling tax compliance issues related to cryptocurrencies. In reality, there are few specialized companies and you should be very careful to spot them to avoid falling victim to bad tax preparers.

“We believe everyone should have access to tax experts, even if they don’t have large portfolios. If you are considering holding cryptos or have held them for more than a year, our tax advisors will give you a tax strategy that maximizes your returns while reducing your tax liability,” the firm’s spokesperson concluded.

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US based tax accounting firm, Income Tax Accountants, works with individuals and businesses to ensure that their crypto assets are treated fairly and in accordance with federal laws. With an impressive client base that ranges from high net worth HODLers to institutional investors, the firm is one of the go-to tax professionals in the industry. Among the services provided are crypto tax planning, tax filings, tax compliance, and advice on tax implications.

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