“Our goal at Market Guard® is to help as many clients as possible, and we knew this would grab the right distribution opportunity. Impact Partnership Wealth has the capabilities to do just that,” said Brad jenkins, owner of Market Guard®. He went on to explain the benefits of this investment methodology as “a non-emotional, methodical, mathematical approach, which signals what we think are the three most important aspects of investing: when to hold, when to sell and when to sell.” is time to re-enter the market. It is designed to help prevent the devastating effects of a major stock market crash.

As an IMO, The Impact Partnership, LLC creates innovative marketing solutions for finance professionals across the country and has won numerous awards while providing significant success for its finance professionals. The combination of the already successful marketing skills of IMO — The Impact Partnership and a Market Guard® affiliate sub-advisor partnership presents the perfect opportunity to create the registered investment advisory firm, Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC.

“We created Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC to fill a gap in the registered investment advisory firm space with proven marketing and ownership portfolios to pave the way for success for clients and advisor,” said declared Thomas zebley, President of The Impact Partnership, LLC and of Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC

Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC can generate leads for financial advisers, portfolios for clients, and what we believe is an easier way to show clients how a financial advisor can help them achieve their retirement goals. It is a true partnership between the registered investment advisor and the financial advisor.

To learn more about membership in Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC and the exclusive sub-advisor partnership with Market Guard®, call 800-380-5040.

About Impact Partenariat Richesse

Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC is a registered investment advisory firm. We work in direct partnership with financial advisors to help them create satisfaction for their clients. In addition to the Model Portfolios, our firm strives to develop the practices of financial advisers through strategic marketing, so that we can help more clients plan for their ideal retirement financial future.

Their investment approach uses a unique methodology that emphasizes individual risk tolerance to help financial advisors offering wealth management services better meet the needs and comfort level of their clients. www.ImpactPartnershipWealth.com

About Market Guard®

Market Guard® uses a non-emotional, methodical mathematical approach that implements a tactical asset allocation model with the aim of evaluating individual positions in the portfolio and signaling an opportune time to hold, sell or re-enter markets. .

Market Guard® provides model portfolios to Impact Partnership Wealth, LLC. These model portfolios are asset allocations designed for people with different investment objectives and risk profiles. Market Guard® has no discretion or authority over investment allocations in client accounts or model portfolios used.

Their model portfolios are managed according to specific objectives of equities and fixed income securities and are implemented by means of ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). Broadly diversified and invested in multiple asset classes from equities and fixed income securities and which may also include commodities and real estate, Market Guard® focuses on knowledge of individual standard deviation and maximum drawdown for each portfolio and investment methodology. www.MarketGuard.com

SOURCE The Impact Partnership

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