Need to send or receive money from a family member, friend or business associate? There was a time when the only way to receive a bank transfer was through a traditional bank account. Although there are restrictions, you can send and receive transfers through a Netspend prepaid debit

Netspend accepts bank transfers to customer accounts so users can access funds through their debit cards. Customers also have several options for receiving or transferring money. Read on to learn more about how transfers work with this prepaid card

Key points to remember

  • One way to receive money on a Netspend prepaid card is direct deposit. This is available for paychecks and a range of government benefits.
  • Netspend customers can also transfer money from their own checking or savings account, or from their PayPal account.
  • Netspend debit cardholders can also exchange money with other Netspend customers, as well as ACE Elite, Control and Purpose cardholders.

Net spending: an overview

Founded in 1999, Net expenditure is a provider of prepaid MasterCard and Visa debit Netspend Cards can be purchased from local retailers or large chains such as 7-Eleven, Walgreens and CVS

Unlike regular credit cards, there is no Credit check required, no minimum balance and no annual fee payable. Consumers use their Netspend cards like a regular debit card when they shop, pay bills or need money at an

How to add money to a Netspend card

Netspend customers can load maps in different ways. This includes direct deposit of their paychecks, social security payments, tax refunds, unemployment benefits and other forms of government cardholders can also transfer funds from virtually any of their own checking or savings accounts directly to their Netspend debit card

It’s easy to do online. The card holder adds the Netspend account as an external account to which he authorizes transfers of funds. A cardholder can also transfer funds using the bank account’s debit card if it has a Visa or Mastercard logo on

Netspend is not a checking or savings account, but a prepaid debit card that can be recharged.

Friends and family transfers

Netspend customers can also send money to other Netspend cardholders, as well as ACE Elite, Control and Purpose cardholders. All you need to send money is the recipient’s name and FlashPay ID. FlashPay, which works with these specific brands, is a service that allows people to transfer money to and from their prepaid accounts. FlashPay users can receive money or send it with just a few

Send money from your Netspend account

Netspend cardholders can also transfer funds from their PayPal accounts. It basically works the same way as a wire transfer. The cardholder links their Netspend and PayPal accounts, just as they would link a bank account to their PayPal account. Once linked, the funds can be easily transferred from PayPal to Netspend. Netspend users can also transfer money to their PayPal accounts in the same way, so it works both

Some Netspend customers can also send or receive money via Western

Limits and availability

Bank transfers and PayPal have daily maximum limits which vary and may incur charges from Netspend, customer’s bank, or PayPal. The transferred funds usually become available within one to three days. For bank transfers, the customer can choose to have the funds available immediately for an additional fee. This option is not available for PayPal accounts. The fees vary from bank to bank and depend on the type of