SAN ANTONIO, Texas, June 30, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Usio, Inc. (USIO), a leading provider of FinTech integrated electronic payment solutions, today announced the addition of several additional income programs managed by municipalities, including New York, Chicago, Denver and Arlington, to the growing list of plan sponsors who have chosen the company’s proprietary prepaid card solution for disbursing funds.

Louis Hoch, President and CEO of Usio, said, “Usio has clearly established itself as the leading provider of electronic payment technology for the disbursement of guaranteed income funds, and we are delighted to welcome these new programs in the many similar organizations across the United States. States that have chosen to integrate our card issuance technology into their programs. Direct cash transfers using debit cards allow individuals to make their own spending decisions in a convenient way. Guaranteed income programs are just another of the growing number of government and similar programs across the country that are increasingly adopting card technology as their preferred method of disbursing money and managing expenses. We are both pleased and honored to support these efforts with a platform that recognizes and supports their goals.

In addition to the many other applications for which government entities have chosen the prepaid card solution, Usio’s proprietary technology offers Guaranteed Income Program participants, who often do not have a bank account, a simple way to access to cash, using card anywhere Debit Mastercard© is accepted. The supporting organization can easily reload funds to cards remotely and automatically, purchases can be restricted to include or exclude particular Merchant Category Codes (MCCs), and the robust platform provides entities with detailed reporting on the use of maps that can be quickly and easily analyzed to improve programs.

The most recent programs to choose the Usio prepaid solution include:

  • The bridge projectlaunched in June 2021 by The Monarch Foundation, is New York City’s premier guaranteed income program. The Bridge Project is designed to support low-income mothers during the first 1,000 days of their children’s lives by providing them with consistent, unconditional money every two weeks. Selected mothers receive $1,000 per month for the first 18 months of the program and $500 per month for the remaining 18 months.
  • The Family Support Resource Programin which 1,000 families in Phoenix, Arizona receive $1,000 per month from January through December 2022. A total of $12 million in federal pandemic relief funding has been earmarked as emergency financial assistance. emergency to support these residents in their daily expenses.
  • The Resilient Communities Pilot Project in Chicago, one of the largest monthly cash assistance programs in the country, will support 5,000 low-income households. Usio, in partnership with Givedirectly and First aid kitwill pay $500 per month for 12 months to provide additional economic stability.
  • Equity and Transformation (EAT) in Chicago, Illinois, which recently launched a pilot program to provide $500 per month for 18 months to up to 55 post-incarceration residents in the Garfield Park neighborhood. This program will assess the impact of guaranteed income programs on reducing poverty and creating opportunities that prevent recidivism.
  • The Arlington Community Foundation also sponsors a guaranteed income pilot program that will provide $500 to 200 low-income working families in Arlington, Virginia for 24 months.
  • The Denver Basic Income Projectin partnership with Mayor Michael Hancock’s Office and Mayors for Guaranteed Income, also launched a pilot program to determine the effectiveness of unconditional monthly cash payments to residents of Denver, Colorado experiencing homelessness.

“Usio has a strong team focused on what’s best for cities and program beneficiaries,” noted Ben Williams, program director for The Connective, an initiative of the Partnership for Economic Innovation in Arizona. “They have worked hard to ensure that we deliver this program quickly, maintain a consistently high level of service, and have a meaningful impact on the lives of residents of the City of Phoenix. Usio has been a great partner for this program, and we deeply appreciate their continued support and efforts. »

Houston Frost, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Prepaid Products, added, “On behalf of the entire Usio team, I want to express my sincere gratitude and unwavering commitment to these organizations who have entrusted with this important responsibility. We have become recognized throughout the county as having the ability to quickly develop customized solutions that meet the distinct requirements of various cash assistance, incentive, and general fund disbursement programs. Having now served the disbursement needs of over 200 charitable, civic and other economic relief programs, we have gained a deep understanding of this market. We continue to develop new tools and features that will improve our ability to respond to the proliferation of funds disbursement programs that view prepaid and debit card programs as a superior solution.

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