WealthDesk, an investment technology platform, has released a white paper on how the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) is democratizing wealth building.

Authored by WealthDesk Founder and CEO, Ujjwal Jain, the white paper explains how UWI will be a game-changer for the asset, wealth and brokerage ecosystem.

A key takeaway from the whitepaper is that the UWI helps with portfolio management and distribution, and provides regtech, marketing, and fulfillment support.

WealthBasket managers can focus entirely on creating innovative multi-asset investment products and no longer have to worry about how to present and sell offerings.

“WealthBaskets can be distributed seamlessly to investors online and offline by leveraging existing distribution networks of brokers, distributors and RMs with the added benefit of powerful network effects on UWI,” reads the white paper.

Retail investors can easily invest in premium wealth building products in addition to brokerage platforms and other trading platforms, profitably.

The white paper also draws attention to India’s brokerage industry which has grown by 7.79% annually since 2016, and there are now nearly 95 million dematerialized accounts, reflecting the strong demand in the country.

The supply, however, faces problems with only 1,300 registered investment advisers in India, i.e. only 1 RIA for every 71,000 investors.

Historically, wealth management products such as portfolio management services (PMS) and alternative investment funds (AIF) were not available to retail investors due to the minimum size of investments required.

“This has created a chasm between what retail investors want, i.e. innovative wealth management solutions and ease of investing through technology, and what the wealth management market retail currently offers them, i.e. fragmented and multi-stop journeys,” the white paper states.

A consequence of this has been that the mutual fund schemes offered by CMAs have become increasingly large, meaning that the right packaging of wealth management solutions on these products for retail investors is missing. .

This is where the Unified Wealth Interface (UWI) plays a crucial role.

Speaking at the white paper launch Ujjwal Jain said, “We have built UWI as an internet-scale interface to not only bridge the existing gaps, but to elevate the entire ecosystem.

“UWI enables investment makers to create innovative multi-asset investment products, bundle them into WealthBaskets, and then distribute them at scale via an ever-growing list of over 100 UWI Partners in an inexpensive way, transparent and efficient. We are excited about the possibilities that UWI brings to all stakeholders in the asset, wealth and brokerage ecosystem,” said Jain.

The white paper further provides an overview of the current investment landscape, highlights the prevailing gaps in the asset, wealth and brokerage ecosystem, and outlines how UWI brings interoperability through a robust technology layer to effectively bridge these shortcomings.

UWI seamlessly links research, product manufacturing, production and large-scale distribution.

The white paper can be downloaded at https://wealthdesk.in/wp-content/uploads/2022/09/UWI-Whitepaper.pdf