CLEARWATER, Fla .– (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Zelis â„¢ Payments, a division of Zelis â„¢ Healthcare, today announced that it is the first electronic reimbursement provider to participate in EnrollHub®, the EFT / ERA enrollment solution from the non-profit association CAQH. EnrollHub allows healthcare providers to enter their EFT registration information into a single, secure online utility and select the payers from whom they wish to receive electronic payments. Providers participating in EnrollHub will now be able to quickly and easily submit Zelis Payments enrollment requests, giving them access to hundreds of healthcare payers who are not currently part of the solution.

“Historically, small payers such as TPAs, self-insured plans and Taft-Hartley funds were not part of the payor mix participating in EnrollHub as they may not have the electronic connections to perform EFT / ERA transactions. ” said Robin Thomashauer,

Executive Director of CAQH. “The involvement of electronic reimbursement services such as Zelis Payments means that healthcare providers who now receive paper checks or virtual cards can convert to EFT and ERA from more of these payers,” thus contributing to further adoption of electronic health transactions. ”

“We are excited about this opportunity because, like CAQH, we are dedicated to administrative simplification in the health sector. EnrollHub gives us an important channel to connect the payers we represent to providers who want to automate their payment and the processing of their data, ”commented Doug Klinger, CEO of Zelis Healthcare.

Zelis Payments performs an important function in the ongoing effort to promote adoption of EFT / ERA. “Suppliers are more likely to sign up with payers from whom they receive a higher volume of transactions. Conversely, providers are unlikely to accept the 835 payers who represent a lower transaction volume, but collectively may represent a large number of groups, ”said Jay Ver Hulst, president of Zelis ™ Payments. “We represent hundreds of these payers and manage these connections on behalf of the provider, eliminating the need to directly manage connections with individual payers and each of the many groups of payers they represent.

In addition, the Zelis Payments VRA® (Virtual Refund Account) Automatically settles payments to the provider’s account, delivers 835 files via a provider-selected method such as upload, FTP, or clearinghouse, and streamlines data processing by aggregating all data of the payer in a single file 835.

“We recognize the constraints of small payers and understand the role Zelis Payments and similar services play in facilitating electronic payments and remittance advice,” said Thomashauer. “The inclusion of this new option in EnrollHub will make it easier for CAQH to pursue its goal of enabling more vendors to switch to EFT / ERA. ”

Suppliers can submit their enrollment requests to Zelis Payments through EnrollHub at www.caqh.org/solutions/enrollhub. To learn more about VRA or to find out which payers are represented by Zelis Payments, providers can visit www.zelispayments.com or call the Zelis Payments Member Registration Department at 855.496.1571.

About Zelis â„¢ Health

Zelis Healthcare (www.zelis.com) is the brand name of Premier Healthcare Exchange, Stratose, Pay-Plus® Solutions and GlobalCare, which merged in 2016 to form a healthcare information technology company and supplier end-to-end healthcare leader. claims cost management and payment solutions, including network management, claims integrity and electronic payments, serving over 500 healthcare payers, over 200,000 healthcare providers and millions of health care consumers in the medical, dental and workers’ compensation markets nationwide.

About Zelis â„¢ payments

Zelis â„¢ Payments, a division of Zelis â„¢ Healthcare, is a leading healthcare payment technology solution dedicated to creating value through exceptional customer experiences. Our solutions facilitate regulatory compliance and streamline the transfer of payments and healthcare data. Zelis Payments is a payments exchange that connects payers to healthcare providers – consolidating payments and aggregating data into a single, daily electronic file.

About VRA®

VRA® is an efficient way to maximize the payment process for practices, facilities or healthcare systems. The VRA allows providers to receive automated electronic payments from payers who would normally send paper checks. By signing up for VRA with Zelis Payments, providers become more efficient, which can help you reach a new level of productivity. VRA offers a choice of direct payments to the Automated Clearing House (ACH) or payments that pass through the MasterCard network, both of which are settled directly to the supplier’s account as ACH-CCD +. The ACH aspect of VRA is CAQH CORE® certified, which ensures that payments and data settled comply with ACA and HIPAA operating standards and rules.

About CAQH

CAQH, a non-profit alliance, is the leader in creating shared initiatives to streamline healthcare business. Through collaboration and innovation, CAQH accelerates business process transformation, delivering value to suppliers, patients and healthcare plans.

About EnrollHub®

SubscribeHub® is a CAQH solution that combines enrollment capabilities for Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA), allowing healthcare providers to use a single, secure online process to sign up for electronic payments with multiple health plans at once.